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Mama Ironclaw is an adult Silver-tailed Ironclaw first appearing in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Bad Egg".


Nest Invasion

One chilly night during the events of "Bad Egg", Mama Ironclaw saw a lone egg laying on the ground. It smelled strange, but looked just like a Silver-tailed Ironclaw egg. She brought it back to her nest on some cliffs on Huttsgalor and added it lovingly to her own four eggs. The next day she found a young dragon in her nest, appearing to try and steal her adopted egg. She flicked him away with her tail. Since her nest was being threatened, she lay down with her eggs and fell asleep. She awoke later to a shrill man's voice, plugs in her ears, several young dragons and humans in her nest, her four eggs hatched, and her adopted egg missing. She is so enraged, that she chases after the dragon and human intruders. They are not a match for her size and strength, but one is a Fastfin, who shoots water at her. Eventually the Fastfin ran out of water shot, but the first dragon she found in her nest charged at her. He suddenly dives into the ground before she can fire a blast at him. A geyser of water shot out of the hole he drilled, incapacitating her for a time, as her metallic scales got wet. The young dragons and humans explain that the adopted egg was not actually an egg, and a series of events led the false egg to be in her nest. They present a skinny human male to her as proof. This man smelled just like the orphan egg. Mama Ironclaw is still very irritated but her anger abates, so she returned to her nest with her new hatchlings.

Sprained Wing

While searching for food for her children in "High Anxiety", Mama Ironclaw was blown off by a wind current into a cliff, and her right wing got buried under a couple of boulders. The Rescue Riders helped her get them off, but she discovered that her wing was injured and couldn't take off. After two failed attempts of making a splint for her wing, Mama Ironclaw fell down the mountain, stopping right before the edge of a cliff. The Rescue Riders brought Hannahr, who managed to make Belzium splinters, just as the stone broke. Mama Ironclaw was able to take flight before falling even further, and returned to her nest, where she thanked the Rescue Riders and Hannahr for helping her and for taking care of her hatchlings.

Physical Appearance

Mama Ironclaw is a large four-legged dragon with uniformly matte metallic grey scales, with a light grey underside. She has large green eyes and a series of horns on her head, the two larger ones having smaller horn nubs on them.


Mama Ironclaw is a fierce and protective mother dragon, who is easily angered, especially when her nest is under threat. This is characteristic of Silver-tailed Ironclaws. She is also fiercely proud of her babies, and is caring enough to adopt an egg that is not her own rather than see it suffer.



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