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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Mala's Sword is Mala's main weapon during Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Mala's sword is a very long and thin sword. It's end is curved upwards and is very sharp. It has several markings on the edges of both sides. Its handle is black with yellow circles, which resemble the model of Mala's armor.


Although Mala is seen carrying the sword on her back since the beginning in "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", she first uses it to stop Astrid from helping Hiccup while he is "judged" by three Speed Stingers. She later uses it against Hiccup when she falsely thinks he betrayed her.

In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2", Mala prepares to use her sword against the dragon riders. However, Hiccup persuades her to let them find the stolen Eruptodon. Mala then uses her sword against two Dragon Hunters, who she quickly defeats.

Mala then uses her sword against some Dragon Hunters in "Saving Shattermaster" when she travels to the Northern Markets. The fight was, however, prevented by a stranger.

In "Mi Amore Wing", Mala uses her sword while practicing the "Dance of Blades" with a mannequin of Dagur the Deranged. At the end, she impales the dummy with the sword, making the twins, who were watching her, believe that she wanted to kill Dagur. They questioned Mala about the ceremony, but she simply told them that they would receive gifts at the end of it, slicing the dummy's head while talking. Mala then left the scene with the sword in her hand.



  • It resembles a Japanese sword, katana.


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