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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Mala's Speed Stingers are three Speed Stingers that live on Caldera Cay. They are used by Queen Mala as judges in trialing captured Dragon Hunters.


Hiccup's Trial

When Hiccup and the gang entered the Dragon's Nest, Mala said that the riders should receive the dragons' judgement. As their leader, Hiccup offered to go first only to see a pit full of Speed Stingers. Right after he crashed in, one of the Stingers ran in circles around him. Hiccup carefully approached one of them with a hand reached towards the dragon in an attempt to train it, which would prove to Mala that he was a friend to dragons. However, as a response, the Speed Stinger attacked him. Then, the other two dragons attacked Hiccup too and smashed the bones the boy was protecting himself with. Right before the Speed Stingers could finish him off, Toothless jumped in and roared at the dragons. They then retreated deeper in the cave.

Physical Appearance

This trio have the same coloration as a normal Speed Stinger. They are light green with small, red wings and a red stinger.



  • They are, so far, the only Speed Stingers without a leader.
  • It is possible that these dragons are siblings, but it is currently unknown if they actually are.

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