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This is the list of memorable quotes of Magnus Finke. Feel free to add in more relevant and significant quotes.

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

"The Nest"

Says the boy who flew in with these scheming, scaly, sky-lizards. Who hasn't heard stories of their kind attacking towns, stealing their sheep, devouring all their food?
It's bad enough to have wild beasts roaming our streets, but wild beasts that take away my chance to make a lot gold selling lumber? They have to go.
Just one moment, chief. Are you all forgetting what these feral flying lizards did to poor Haggis, our noble, departed town sheep?

"Boo to You"

Oh look, the flying fun-stoppers have arrived.
Oh, listen to the renowned art critic who ... oh well, of course it looks good. How could you doubt it?
Watch out, you lavender lout!

"Where There's Smoke"

Get in there, you walking pile of pillow stuffing!
Get away from me, you winged weasel!
I say, where there's smoke, there's a bad dragon!
Me!? Apologize to that flying porcupine? Why would I do that?
Sure. Invite that airborne bonfire to stay with you. Makes perfect sense.

"Heavy Metal"

What is all this racket about? How is a genius supposed to work with all this superfluous screaming? AHHHHHHH!!
I didn't like the tone of that roar one bit.
No need for these flappy lizards.
Yes, a race you will undoubtedly lose. Humiliating you will be so much fun!
See you later lizard losers!
Let go of my glory Rescue Runts!
Congratulations Disaster Dragons! This is all your fault!
Not! I don't do well in dark, dank places. They give me the heebie-jeebies. Dark, dank heebie-jeebies.

"Bad Egg"

Will you hurry up Haggis!? Nobody likes a lazy sheep.
Stand by for genius!
Those Rescue Runts are so predictable. I knew they couldn't resist bringing a poor, abandoned egg back home to their Roost.
Now, If I were a blubbering dragon dogooder, where would I hide my precious little Diary?
Oh why didn't I listen to Mama Finke? Always bring your winter coat, even when hatching brilliant plots.
Where am I? I smell lizard breath!
Wake up, wake up! You in the nest! Time to deal with these flying pests!

"Grumblegard, Part 2"

Oh, yes, of course, chief. If by "doing good, "you mean bringing an angry dragon to our shores bent on revenge, I think the answer is clear, the Rescue Runts must go!

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

This section requires expansion.

"Double Finked"


Well, I'll have you know that it would be a waste of my time to throw junk into the ocean when I can just make Axel throw it into the backyard. Huh? Axel, how far can you throw, anyway?
An apology. Obviously an attempt to spy on our new invention. Nice try, Rescue Runts. I think we're finally ready to reveal our masterpiece. Axel!


Yes, those last measurements did the trick. Yes, it's finished. It's finally finished.
Rise. Rise. Rise, Mechano-Dragon. Pedal faster. You're making me look bad. Yes. Rise. Rise!
Don't you lose to that beast, Axel. Plant like your happiness depends on it. Because it does!
Hey, I made you. How dare you chase me? After all we've been through.

"Hot, Hot, Hot"

You ruined our chance. But don't worry, somebody will need a rescue sometime and when they do, we'll be there!
You did this on purpose! You wanted to destroy my masterpiece. Well, you can't sink a Finke. I'll just invent another, and another, and they'll be even masterpiece-ier. Come, Axel.

"Charged Up"

People of Huttsgalor. I've been testing my amazing new Mechano-Multi-Dragon all over the island until I knew it worked perfectly. And now, Huttsgalor officially doesn't need the Rescue Riders anymore.
Behold the future, Rescue Runts. Anything your dragons can do, my Mechano-Multi-Dragon can do better.
Yes. That's the kind of power we need. Axel, pull the lever.

"Game of Horns"

Oh, this is delightful. Don't worry, Burple. What you lack in speed, you make up for with clumsiness!
Any victory worth having is worth rubbing in.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

Rescue Riders? I was hoping you'd show up here today.
Child's play. I've already built one. So I can (over speaker) yell at Axel from anywhere on the island! Clear away those rocks, and smile while you're doing it!

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

Odinyule? I didn't know it was Odinyule. I'm just here to show off my latest invention. My woolen sock knitter. With all this sudden cold weather, they'll keep your feet warm all winter.
Oh, step aside, Rescue Wreckers. As I said, this isn't a holiday for dragons. Magnus Finke alone can save Odinyule. A few minor changes to my automatic woolen sock knitter and now it blows snow. And minds. Let me try that again. It blows snow... and minds.

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