Just take the north path out of town, you can't miss his place. [src]

Magnus Finke's House is the home and workplace of Magnus Finke.

Physical Appearance

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The only part of the house shown in the series so far is the workshop. It has several shelves on the wall, containing books, tools and various metal pieces for building. There are two blueprints hung on the walls, as well as tables and chair on which Magnus can work on. There are several lamps hung from the ceiling with ropes, which are lit up at night, so that Magnus can work even in the dark.



The main function of Magnus' house is to provide shelter and a sleeping area for Magnus Finke, and later for his nephew, Axel.


Magnus spends most of his time in the workshop part of his house, where he often invents and builds machines and devices, such as the Hay Baler and the Mechano-Dragon.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

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In "Double Finked", Magnus was working on the Magnus' Automatic Hay Baler in front of his house, when Axel arrived. The boy handed a letter to his uncle that asked Magnus to take care of him. Later, Axel brought a Roaming Ramblefang egg to Magnus' house, which quickly hatched. The baby started creating havoc inside the workshop of the house, before Axel started training him with fish. Later, after being saved by the Rescue Riders, Axel was dropped in front of Magnus' house.

In "Divewings", Magnus and Axel started working on the Mechano-Dragon in the workshop of the house. In order to not waste time, Magnus asked Axel to dispose of all the scrap metal in the backyard. After finishing the machine, Magnus kept it outside the house, covered by a large piece of leather.

In "Mecha-Menace", Magnus and Axel finished construction on the Mechano-Dragon just outside the house. Axel took the machine for a test ride before showing it to the villagers.

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