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Magnus is a mentioned character created for the School of Dragons Website[1].


Becoming a Titan Wing Rider

Magnus is a student at the School of Dragons, and sees that his friends and others have taken their dragons to the next level of growth: the Titan Wing Stage. He wants this for his Hideous Zippleback, Snort and Sniff, and the dragon seems to want it, too. The pair travel to Titan Island to initiate the transformation.

Magnus hovered along the outskirts, nervously patting his Hideous Zippleback, Snort and Sniff, as he surveyed his surroundings. So this was the famed Titan Island. His friends hadn’t lied: it truly was something to behold. Blocks of ice were floating in the sea, but Odin save him, the heat emanating from the island was otherworldly. How could something appear frozen and yet feel like it was being burned from the inside out?
Snort and Sniff hissed nervously and looked at Magnus. “Don’t worry,” he reassured them, hoping his voice wasn’t wavering. “I know a lot of people who have been here. They say it’s not as scary as it looks. In fact, many have said that it’s quite beautiful. And you’ve seen their dragons, haven’t you? Don’t you want to be as big and powerful as they are? Don’t you want to be a Titan Wing?”
Snort looked at Sniff and hissed affirmatively. Sniff chanced one more glance homewards, but eventually grunted at Snort. “Good boy,” Magnus said and flicked his reins. They soared downwards to the entrance and landed. Magnus dismounted and gestured to his dragon to follow him. As he led the way to the center of the island, Magnus observed the torches lighting the path inward. He felt the heat of the molten rocks that surrounded him. Steam wafted from the waterfalls that poured into lakes alongside rivers of lava.
He stopped as he saw the stone platform. It was time. Magnus gave Snort and Sniff an encouraging grin. “This is it,” he said. “Are you ready to become a Titan Wing?”
  School of Dragons Website[2]  


School of Dragons Website

The School of Dragons Website offers a Game Guide and other information about people, dragons, and places connected to the game. To illustrate the world within the game and provide a story-like setting, the website contains 'excerpts' from various characters appearing in other parts of the Franchise, as well as exclusive to the Website. Magnus is one of the exclusive characters to the game's website, illustrating the ability for players to level up their dragons to the Titan Wing stage.


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