I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to test my newest invention. My Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector! ... These finely tuned, spring-loaded magnets can pick up traces of Belzium from miles away! With my amazing device, I'll find that Belzium faster than anyone, using science! [src]
  Magnus Finke  

Magnus' Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector is a machine created by Magnus Finke in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Heavy Metal".


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Magnus Finke created a device that can detect magnetic ore, and finds the perfect opportunity to use it when Huttsgalor ran out of Belzium. The Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector led him to a large deposit if the ore in a cave, just minutes after some of the Rescue Riders found the same cave. The detector then adhered to a large boulder of Belzium in the ceiling, and combined with everyone whacking the cave rocks, the boulder crashes down and seals the entrance of the cave. Later, Leyla used the detector's magnetic attachments to help pull the boulder out of the way so those still inside the cave could escape. Magnus reassembled the detector and uses it to roll the Belzium boulder back to the village, but it gets out of control. The Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector became damaged, possibly beyond repair.

Physical Appearance

Magnus' Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector is a flat red box with yellow handles on either side. I the center is a metal disc with three suction-cup shaped attachments at the end of long coils. The coils are able to shoot out from the box. The box can be strapped around the torso of the user.


The Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector is able to perceive minerals with magnetic properties, presumably with magnets in the device.


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