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Now if you'll excuse me, my Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster has some masterpieces to create [src]
  Magnus Finke  

Magnus' Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster is an invention developed by Magnus Finke for the holiday of Hoogenboo in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


"Boo to You"

It is Fall on Huttsgalor and harvest time. It is also time to celebrate the holiday of Hoogenboo. Part of this celebration is painting scary faces onto pumpkins to ward off spirits. Magnus Finke invents the Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster to quickly create painted pumpkins, then sell them to the villagers for a profit. He does a brisk business at first, but then the machine is broken when Cutter and Burple drop wood on it destined for a bonfire in the middle of town. Blue paint squirts out everywhere and douses the fire.

Physical Appearance

Magnus' pumpkin machine at work.jpg

The Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster looks highly similar to Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine. It is a large cylindrical machine painted red with an inlet on one end and an exit on the other. There are cogs and mechanical arms, as well as a funnel for adding paint. The whole contraption is set on wheels.


The Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster paints scary faces onto pumpkins for the Hoogenboo holiday. Magnus Finke created this machine to earn money.


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