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The Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter is an invention created by Magnus Finke in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

Around the time of Odinyule, Magnus Finke built the Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter in order to make profit by selling woolen socks. Duggard ordered a pair, but when Magnus powered up the machine, it malfunctioned and knitted enormous socks. Magnus quickly shut it down and took it away to fix it.

As the weather on Huttsgalor got worse and snow builded up all around the village, Magnus transformed the Sock Knitter into a snow blower. While the machine managed to clear away most of the snow, Magnus soon lost control of it and the Rescue Riders had to destroy it before hurting anyone.

Physical Appearance

The Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter is a three-wheeled machine, with two bigger wheels in the front and a smaller one in the back. It has an excavator-like bucket in front, with a tube in its center that leads to a horn-like structure on top. Right in front of the tube, there is a large spool containing wood threads of different colours. After Magnus transformed the machine into a snow blower, he removed the spool.


  • Sock Knitting: As its name suggests, the Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter's primarly fuction was to knit woolen socks for the people of Huttsgalor. However, the socks came out too big for anyone to wear.
  • Snow Blowing: After some modifications made by Magnus, the machine had the ability to clear the snow that had built up on the ground.

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