In a few seconds, you will be the first to go from woolly mess to perfectly shorn sheep, thanks to my new Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine! ... Hmmm, Perhaps a few minor adjustments. [src]
  Magnus Finke  

Magnus' Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine is a machine created by Magnus Finke in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Where There's Smoke".


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

Magnus Finke created the Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine to rapidly shear sheep of their wool. He tests it out on live sheep, but the first trial only shears the front half of the sheep. The other sheep are reluctant to 'volunteer'. Cutter sees this and attempts to help Magnus, but ends up scaring away the sheep altogether and Magnus falls in a pile of mud.

Physical Appearance

Magnus' Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine is a large cylindical machine painted red with a propeller at the top and various cogs on the side. The sheep goes in one end and pops out of a door on the other end.


The inner workings of Magnus' Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine is obscured, but presumably involves some sort of blades.


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