Magnus' Automatic Hay Baler is a machine created by Magnus Finke in "Double Finked".


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Double Finked", Magnus Finke transformed his previous invention, the Sheep De-Woolifying Machine, into a hay baler, by making a few modifications. However, when he tested it, the hay came out of the machine the same it got in. Magnus immediately started fixing it. Later, Magnus tested it yet again, but that time, the hay bale came out too small. Magnus was frustrated by this and started doing more modifications. The third time Magnus tested the machine, the hay bale came out the normal size. After a few seconds, the machine launched the bale at high speed towards Magnus, knocking him off a few feet.

Physical Appearance

The Automatic Hay Baler looks identical to the Sheep De-Woolifying Machine, as it was made from it. It has a tube attached to it, that is used to suck in hay, through the vacuum effect. The vacuum is activated by a lever.


As its name implies, the machine is used to put hay into bales, faster than a human would be able to do it.

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