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We don't need these dangerous dragons. My auto limberjack machine can cut a tree into lumber faster than any of these beasts, and at a very reasonable price. [src]
  Magnus Finke  

Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine is a machine created by Magnus Finke in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "The Nest".


"The Nest"

Magnus Finke created the Auto Lumberjack Machine after a bad storm hit Huttsgalor and many homes and other structures were damaged. He sought to make a profit using it at others' misfortune. However, while in competition with the Rescue Riders, Magnus ramps up the machine and loses control of it. It begins sawing trees indiscriminately and flinging the high in the air, damaging even more property. The Rescue Riders stop the out-of-control machine, and break it in the process.

As discovered in "Grumblegard, Part 1", the out of control machine decimated the Crimson Pine tree population on Huttsgalor.

Physical Appearance

Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine is a large cylindical machine painted red and a propeller and chimney stack at the top. When turned on, a grasper springs out of the front end, as well as a circular saw. A door pops open at the back end to eject processed logs.


The machine grabs the trunk of a tree, saws it at the base, and the claspers pull it into the front end of the machine. While the tree trunk is inside the machine, branches and twigs are removed. The finished log is then ejected out of the back door.


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