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This is the page for the Hairy Hooligan. You may be looking for the man from Huttsgalor.

Magnus is a Viking on Berk who first appears in the episode "We Are Family, Part 1". He is later seen as one of the patients 'Dr.' Gobber "heals" in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2", when he is attempting to replace Gothi while she was with the Dragon Riders looking for a Snow Wraith tooth.


Neighborly Greetings

Magnus is only briefly seen in the beginning of the episode, carrying a sack of flower. Gobber greets him and wishes him a happy Bork Week.

Seeking Medical Attention

Three years later, Magnus had a small dragon trap clamped on his leg, and is using his double-bladed axe as a crutch. Gobber throws what appears to be squid ink at his leg, and somehow his leg catches on fire. Gobber quickly douses the fire with water, which knocks Magnus out. Gobber drags him away, groaning, and then asks for the next patient in line to come see him.

Physical Appearance

Magnus is a stout Viking male with a thicker upper body. He has a thick auburn beard that fans out from his lower face. He wears an olive green tunic and a helmet with two straight spikes sticking out from the sides and a line of small spikes down the center.



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