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The Magnet is a device used to determine which materials are magnetic in the game, School of Dragons.


In order to determine if an object is magnetic, the magnet is lowered towards the object. If the object sticks to the magnet, it is magnetic. If not, it is not magnetic.


Used to Help Bandit

Upon finding out that Bandit, the Armorwing, could not attract any metal to his magnetic skin, Snotlout, worried about the dragon, asked the player to gather silver ore, gold ore, and iron ore and to bring all three to Heather in order to see which were magnetic. After taking the ores to Heather, the player conducted an experiment with their dragon. The results of this experiment revealed that, although the silver and gold ores were non-magnetic, the iron ore was magnetic, enabling the player to report back to Snotlout and to help Bandit repair his armor.



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