But don’t let him fool you. The Goregutter is a gentle giant who keeps to himself and wouldn’t hurt a sheep... at least not intentionally. [src]
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Magnanimous Martyrium is a Crimson Goregutter that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

To say The Martyrium is large is an understatement. His gargantuan size marks him as the largest sub-alpha Dragon in the Barbaric Archipelago. Despite his intimidating appearance, however, The Magnanimous Martyrium has one of the gentlest natures of any known Dragon. He had a long friendship with a Gronckle named Gary that lasted for over a decade. The Magnanimous Martyrium and Gary were never seen apart from each other. They would eat, sleep, and play together. One fateful day, however, Gary got into a patch of Blue Oleander, and the unfortunate Gronckle was buried on a hilltop near town.

The bereft Magnanimous Martyrium laid his head down on Gary’s grave and stayed there unmoving for three months. Even to this day, The Martyrium can be found each morning, sitting on Gary’s grave with the Gronckle’s favorite toy, waiting for his friend to return. This Dragon’s sheer power has made it a target for many Vikings who hope to replace the Gronckle in The Magnanimous Martyrium’s affections for their own ends. So far, The Magnanimous Martyrium has not been moved by any of these contenders. If only one would come along who is worthy of this Dragon’s loyalty.
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Physical Appearance

Magnanimous Martyrium is dark blue with a light blue underbelly. He has blue-ish black horns and spines. His eyes are yellow.

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