Why not? My Buffalord holds the key. Fuld alone knows the secret to extraction. [src]

Maeve's Buffalord is a Buffalord appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

After wild dragons shattered her dreams of a quiet family life, Maeve swore she would either rid the world of dragons, or to die in the effort. She grabbed her sword and sought out the nearest dragon she could find to begin her campaign of retribution. In the center of a grassy knoll, she found an abandoned Buffalord nest full of eggs. She smashed one after another in the fury of her vengeance, but before she could destroy them all, one of them hatched.
She raised her sword to finish her mission, but something froze her in her tracks. The purple face cooing up at her from its shell with pure love in its eyes reminded her of her own lost child. She dropped her sword and reached down to take the Buffalord into her arms.
On that day, Maeve became the Matron of Dragons. Her Buffalord friend helped her climb the ranks of the Dragonroot Company to become the ruler she was destined to be, and played a vital role in her plans to conquer the Archipelago.
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Early Life

Hiccup: "How did you come to train that Buffalord? Odd for someone like you to ride at all."
Maeve: "If you can believe it, she was my first target after my family was... taken. But... I couldn't do it. There was a gentleness to her. Almost comfort. Despite my loathing of her kind, she stayed with me."
Hiccup: "How did you get her off her territory? Buffalord refuse to leave their own land."
Maeve: "That part was easy — she was only a baby."[src]
  Maeve telling Hiccup how she raised the Buffalord  

Physical Appearance

Maeve's Buffalord is a deep dark violet with wide horizontal bands of lighter purple along her body. The wings are also striped in medium violet. The thick scales around her back spikes are a bluish grey, while her irises are a sapphire blue.

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