Lyngstad is a Thunderhead Tribesman that appears briefly in the Comic, "The Endless Night".

Lyngstad appears in only a few panels, but is named and seen with another Viking, Faltskog. Therefore it is not clear which Viking is which.


Attack on Berk

A stranger named Skuld the Sorceress appears on Berk during the events of "The Endless Night", and mysteriously seems to bring about Night during the Day and disappearing villagers. Later however, the Dragon Riders discovers that those that disappeared were actually kidnapped to be sold as slaves by the Thunderhead Tribe, who are working with Skuld the Sorceress. A direct attack between the Riders and the Thunderhead ships ensue. Chief Snorre the Vast instructs Lyngstad and Faltskog to release Snorre's Scauldrons to attack the Dragon Riders.



  • "Lyngstad" is a Surname in Norway. Incidentally, both "Lyngstad" and "Faltskog" are the last names of the female singers in the musical group ABBA.

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