This Snafflefang lost his leg to one of Drago Bludvist’s iron traps. [src]
  Valka introducing Lump  

Lump is a male Snafflefang who first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

This Snafflefang lost a leg to a trapper's iron trap. He was rescued by Valka and nursed back to health and is now naturally curious and welcoming to new Dragons.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Welcoming Hiccup and Toothless

Lump is seen welcoming Hiccup and Toothless in Valka's Mountain. Later Valka explains how he lost his leg. Although not seen, it is supposed that he participated in the battle at Valka's Mountain. At the end of the movie he is seen bowing to Toothless, the new alpha.

Integrating into Life on Berk

And one of Valka's Snafflefangs, Lump, has taken it upon himself to assume guard duty on the remaining Viking statue standing in the sea. at first sight of an oncoming force, Lump will light up the sky with his crystal-flecked fire blast like an emergency flare!
  — Astrid  

After the Bewilderbeast attack on Berk, Lump decides to help his new community by standing guard on one of the statues in the sea surrounding Berk.

Moving to the Hidden World

Although not seen in the film, it is assumed that Lump traveled alongside everyone from Berk and eventually arrived on New Berk. It is also assumed that he went to live in the Hidden World, along with every dragon from Berk.

Physical Appearance

Lump resembles an ordinary Snafflefang with blue scales and red spots, except for the fact that he had lost his right leg to an iron trap. Despite his missing leg, Lump is very active, playful, and friendly towards anyone in Dragon Mountain.


Lump appears to have recovered both physically and mentally from the loss of his leg. He is naturally curious and welcomes other new dragons. This friendly dragon even sniffed Hiccup and Toothless friendly when they came.



Lump is grateful to Valka for saving him and for taking care of him when he needed most.



  • In Dragons: Rise of Berk, Lump has both of his legs.
    • This is probably due to it being to challenging to animate Lump's movements if he only had one leg.


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