Oh, don't you think that Lumie suits the big guy? Meatlug helped me narrow down all the choices, and I think it's the perfect name for him!
  — Fishlegs in "Wrath of Stormheart" Expansion  

Lumie is a Luminous Krayfin character exclusive to the game, School of Dragons.


As An Egg

No one knows where Lumie's egg came from or what dragon laid it. However, somehow Dragon Hunters got a hold of his large spherical blue egg. Later Harald Forkbeard stole it from the Dragon Hunters and attempted to hide — or hatch — it on Dragon Island. The Dragon Riders eventually saved it and took it home to Berk. It is there that Lumie hatched.

Driving Instincts

He knew that he needed to find the Dragon Bloom, and his sense receptors let him track it over miles and miles of open ocean.
  — Phlegma  

Lumie grows rapidly under the care of the Dragon Riders, but seems sad. One day, after one of the Twins' pranks, he flies away, scared. The player, Phlegma the Fierce, and Skulder the Archaeologist go after him. He leads the player to Impossible Island, an island with a tropical center and former island of the ancestors to the Defenders of the Wing. Despite all the tries to get him back, Lumie keeps going deeper and deeper into the island, forcing the player to solve various mazes and puzzles, Lumie and the player discover a Dragon Bloom plant. Lumie instinctively knew that his kind needed the Dragon Bloom fruit to his growth.

Getting a Name

Fishlegs and Meatlug journey to Impossible Island a lot to visit Lumie. He has grown rapidly, and now dwarfs Meatlug — roughly twice her size. As he grew he lost the ability to fly, as is typical of Krayfins, and has an aquatic lifestyle. Lumie has become smitten with Meatlug and enjoys her visits. Fishlegs, with Meatlug's help, come up with the name "Lumie" for him.

As events unfold with the arrival of Nikora Stormheart and her settling in the Barbaric Archipelago, Lumie follows Meatlug, the Dragon Riders and the game player to various locations including the Ship Graveyard, and eventually to Vanaheim. He finds that underneath the seas around Vanaheim is a graveyard for Luminous Krayfins.

Lumie also follows the player to The Tempest, and saves Fishlegs from drowning when Nikora reneges on a deal and drops Fishlegs in a cage into the sea.

Physical Appearance

As a juvenile, Lumie is roughly twice the size of Meatlug. He has a thick and knobby turtle-like brown-grey shell and a dark grey-blue to grey-green hide. There are brighter blue spots running down either side. His underbelly is white.



In "Wrath of Stormheart", Fishlegs realizes that Lumie has developed a close bond with Meatlug. He follows her around Impossible Island, and eventually follows her around the Archipelago during the Expansion.


  • In the "Wrath of Stormheart" expansion, Fishlegs states that Lumie is the only one of his kind in the Archipelago.

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