Loudmouth the Gouty is a character mentioned briefly in How to Train Your Dragon of the Book series.


In a position for decision-making

Squidface the Terrible would have banished his son in the twinkling of an eye. Loudmouth the Gouty would have positively enjoyed it.
  Stoick the Vast  

Stoick experiences inner turmoil at having to banish his son, Hiccup after he and the entire group of Viking Initiates fail the Final Initiation Test during Thor'sday Thursday. He compares his reaction to that of his own father Squidface, and that of Loudmouth the Gouty. This implies that: Loudmouth is a person who held a decision-making position such as chief in the past, Loudmouth is deceased, and Loudmouth was of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe.


Very little is mentioned about Loudmouth. Hoever, Stoick's comment that he would enjoy exiling his son indicates a perhaps sadistic personality.

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