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Look And Find: How to Train Your Dragon is a children's activity book released after the first movie, How to Train Your Dragon.

Official Description

Vikings and dragons just don't mix — that is until Hiccup, a young Viking, meets Toothless, a fire-breathing Night Fury. As Hiccup and Toothless secretly soar through the skies and head into battle, use your Look and Find skills to make your way through eight exciting scenes.
  — Back cover  


The eight scenes shown in this book loosely cover the events of the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. The reader must find certain items within each picture.

Pictures include:

  • Dragons attacking the village of Berk
  • Gobber's workshop
  • Dinner at the Haddocks' house
  • Training to battle dragons in the Arena
  • The village of Berk from the back of a dragon
  • Hiccup's designs and drawings
  • Attacking the Red Death
  • Victory celebration


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