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Lobsters are crustaceans mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Lobsters (Family Nephropidae) are decapod crustaceans (ten limbs) with bilateral symmetry. They have a small head area, a thorax, and a long muscular tail that typically flares at the end. They are also known for their clawed forearms, which can be very wide in some species. Lobsters have blue blood, which is based on copper instead of iron like vertebrates. snails and spiders also have blue blood. Lobsters are also known to be long-lived, especially for invertebrates. Some individuals have been estimated to live to be 45-50 years, in the wild.


In both the Book series and real life, the main use of a lobster is as a food source for humans. Additionally, they are enjoyed by dragons in the Book series.

A Lobster Claw Necklace figures prominently in the Book series. This personal decoration has great significance for Fishlegs, as well as his lobster basket.


How to Train Your Dragon

Lobsters are mentioned as one of the sea-floor-dwelling creatures that had made their home around the Green Death as he was in Sleep Coma.

And, a week later, the sea around the Dragon Mountain - which had previously been teeming with crabs and lobsters and shoals and shoals of fish - was a great, underwater desert.
  — Book 1  

Toothless also favors lobsters, and Hiccup uses them as an incentive for Toothless to do as he asks.

For every fish you catch me I will give you two more lobsters when you get home.
  — Hiccup to Toothless in Dragonese  
If you catch me a nice big mackerel you will be the cleverest, fastest dragon on Berk AND you will make that Fireworm dragon look like an idiot AND you will have all the lobsters you can eat when we get home AND I will tell you a really good joke.
  — Hiccup to Toothless in Dragonese  

Lobsters are also mentioned in a phrase meaning that the initiates are trapped "like lobsters in a pot", when Fireworm points out that they have no plan or defenses against the Green Death.

Finally, Toothless recalls, among other things, that Hiccup was always "giving him the biggest and juiciest lobsters", and otherwise treating him well. This treatment causes Toothless to act selflessly and help Hiccup escape from the jaws of the Green Death.

How to Be a Pirate

Equipment for harvesting lobster are mentioned briefly in Book 2 as Stoick watches the Lucky Thirteen sinking.

And Stoick knew that this particular part of the ocean, despite being so close to the cliffs, was very, very deep, too deep even for lobster pots.
  — Book 2  

How to Speak Dragonese

The color of a cooked lobster - red - is mentioned for a color comparison, when Camicazi angrily blushes when a Roman crowd of spectators laugh at her for being a female heir.

She turned as red as a lobster and yelled at the top of her voice ...
  — Book 3  

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

The popular "red as a lobster" phrase is used again in Book 4, this time describing Stoick the Vast, after Fishlegs insults him while he is in his berserker state.

How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

The bright red of a boiled lobster is mentioned again, this time describing Gobber the Belch's "lobster-red cheeks" during a very hot Summer day.


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