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Liam James Ferguson is a child actor who voices Nuffink Haddock in How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming. He is Craig Ferguson's son[1]


Liam is the only son of comedian Craig Ferguson and his third wife Megan [Wallace Cunningham] Ferguson, who is an American art dealer. His half brother Milo, from Craig's previous marriage, is ten years his senior. He lives with his parents in Hollywood, though judging by his thick Scottish accent in Homecoming, it can be assumed he's also spent a considerable amount of time in his father's home country of Scotland. It is likely his role as Nuffink in the holiday special is his first professional role.

He may have a future in Stand Up since he enjoys imitating his father's humor. His other interests include cars and photography[2].

Dragons Filmography

Year Title Role Notes
2019 How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming Nuffink Haddock Short film


  • Though he never made an appearance, in his parents' YouTube series Couple Thinkers they mention that Liam doesn't like vegetables, does like wedged apples that Craig calls "kid fries", and often requires to be hushed in the car.
    • Scenes shot at the Ferguson residence also reveal a small dirt bike, books, pool toys, and playground equipment that most likely belong to him since his brother Milo would have been too old for such items by then.
  • The family owns two dogs and a cat.



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