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I'm honored to be the speaking and singing voice of Leyla; the adventurous, heartwarming, practical, and nurturing dragon leader.
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Leyla is one of the main human protagonists in the series Dragons: Rescue Riders. She is the twin sister of Dak and a member of the group known as the Rescue Riders. Her dragon is a Fastfin named Summer.


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Physical Appearance

Leyla is a young girl with red hair tied into a braid over her left shoulder and green eyes. She wears a purple sleeveless vest with a quilted pattern, and a long-sleeve tunic underneath banded in light and dark teal. She has purple arm bracers and fingerless brown gloves. Additionally, Leyla wears a green scarf around her neck, a short studded purple and blue leather skirt, green leggings, and brown boots. She also carries an over-the-shoulder satchel.


Leyla subconsciously tends to stroke her hair in a variety of uneasy situations. She can get anxious, especially when she doesn't know something or someone is in serious trouble. She places a great deal of importance in her Dragon Diary, and feels inadequate without it as it was the only thing she and Dak had of their birth mother. Leyla is very nurturing and caring, and is the best at mothering orphaned baby dragons that they come across. Leyla does give everyone - even Magnus Finke - the benefit of the doubt. However, this positivity is not eternal, and will admit her error. She is a planner and favors strategy over impulse unlike her twin brother.

Rarely, and like her best friend Summer, Leyla can be prideful towards her family's work of rescue, as well as competitive.

Skills and Abilities

Intelligence: Leyla is extremely intelligent and can make complex plans, studies, notes, and observations.

Dragon Riding: Leyla is an excellent dragon rider, with or without a saddle, due to her adoptive dragon mother's teachings.

Bilingualism: Leyla is capable of speaking both the Viking language and Dragon fluently, which allows her to communicate with all species of dragons. Being taught the language by a mother dragon at a young age, she is one of the two humans who can speak Dragon.

Motivational Speaking: Leyla is shown to be very good at giving motivational speeches to her dragon friends when they need it.

Medical Skills: Due to her experience with dragons Leyla showed excellent skills in tending to dragons that are sick or hurt.

Cooking: Despite her age, Leyla is a very talented cook. She is the only one who knows how to prepare Seven Spice Seafood Surprise properly.

Singing: Leyla is a great singer, able to reach very high notes. She is able to create a song on the spot, easily finding rhymes to her lyrics. Her melodious voice was able to counteract the hypnotizing songs of the Songwing Melodia.

Athleticism: Leyla is great at gymnastic moves such as flipping and tumbling and is so good at them that she can do them when coming off the zip line and jumping off of one thing and landing on another and still make perfect landings. She is also able to balance on one leg while holding objects in her hands and having objects sitting on the back of her elevated leg. Leyla is great at using rescue vines. She is able to with perfect accuracy get to the place she is aiming for.

Reflexes: Leyla is able to very quickly get out of the way of dangerous objects and things coming at her.

Swimming: Leyla is shown to be a good swimmer as she is able to swim to surface of the ocean from the ocean floor and then back to land in the episode "Sick Day". Leyla is also able to hold her breath underwater for a significant amount of time.


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Main article: Dak and Leyla's Relationship

Leyla has a very close relationship with her twin brother, after they were shipwrecked together and lost their birth parents. They aren't seen fighting often, and after being separated for a while, usually embrace in greeting. They do sometimes tease each other, but more often they are giving each other encouragement and support.


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Main article: Leyla and Summer's Relationship
Dak: "Leyla fell off once."
Leyla: "True. Right into the sea. But, that's also how I met Summer. She rescued me."
Dak: "Right away they got into this discussion about how the moon affects tides..."
Leyla: "That's how we knew right away we were going to be best friends."[src]

Summer rescued Leyla from falling into the sea when she was younger and fell off another dragon's back. They have since become best friends, and fully support each other, such as when they had to face biting eels to retrieve some Help Kelp.


Leyla is sensitive enough to notice when Aggro is feeling upset, but doesn't understand right away that she feels left out of the group. All the Riders are able to work out the kinks of a new member and become more unified.


Winger became Leyla's brother, when she was adopted by his mother. She learned how ride a dragon with him, until she met Summer. Leyla rode on Winger again in "Divewings" and they worked together to clean up trash from the ocean.



Duggard the Decisive

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Main article: Dak, Leyla and Duggard's Relationship

After learning that family members can compete in the Game of Horns, Leyla begs Chief Duggard to adopt them. He complies saying, "I've always considered you my kin," and then adopts Leyla and Dak.




Magnus Finke

Leyla tries to see a good side in Magnus, especially when they are trapped together in a cave in "Heavy Metal". She initially believes that there is a nice person buried deep inside. However, after repeated lack of positivity from Magnus despite the Riders helping him, she revises her thoughts and finds him irredeemable.


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Mrs. Borgomon

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