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Lethiferous Cromlech is a Catastrophic Quaken that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

It is difficult to imagine, but in the city of Valencia far to the south, there are no Dragons.

If you tell the people there of the Dragons you’ve seen or ridden upon, they will burst into mocking laughter, convinced that you have lost your mind. To these people, Dragons are merely mythological creatures as real to them as flaming birds or flying horses. As such they treat anyone who believes in Dragons with scorn.

It would surprise these people to learn that one of the Archipelago’s most notorious Dragons lived right in the center of their market square for nearly ten years, mistaken for a statue.

According to ‘Thee Lif & Tymes of Elmyr Duchamps’ by Clifton Irvingson, the Lethiferous Cromlech was imported to Valencia by a Frankish con artist who made his living passing off his own work as that of more famous artists. Elmyr would copy the style of an artist of renown in one city, then sell this work to unsuspecting buyers in another city for a huge markup. This kept him moving all over the known world and beyond into unknown lands, in order to avoid the lynch mobs that would arise once his fraudulent activities were revealed. Elmyr found The Lethiferous Cromlech in a cave in the Badmist Mountains, where it had gone into its ‘long sleep’ (a decades long hibernal period preceding a molt) under a stalactite mineral drip and been coated with liquid stone. Not believing his luck, Elmyr cut the Dragon from the cave, mounted it on a plinth, and sold the resulting statue to the king of Valencia, Alfonso the Not-As-Wise, as an original work of art.

Eventually, Elmyr was caught and beheaded for selling varnished Dragon droppings to the Crown of Galacia, claiming it was the Philosopher’s Stone. Soon after that terrible event, the Lethiferous Cromlech awoke from its slumber, cracked free from its ‘egg’ of stone, and flew north to the breeding fields of home. This event was witnessed only by the town drunk, who was believed by nobody, tried for vandalism (he was a Vandal, after all), and spent the rest of his days chained to a wall in the palace dungeon where he received more regular meals than he had seen in years of living on the street.
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Physical Appearance

Lethiferous Cromlech is light yellow, with darker shades on its spikes. It has orange shades on its spikes and eras and bright orange eyes.

In-game Statistics



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