Peaceable fishing boats are always followed by flocks of Lesser Blackbacked Seadragons, hoping for a bite. All you have to do is follow the racket they make and you'll have found yourself a boat.
  How to Speak Dragonese  

The Lesser Blackbacked Seadragon is a dragon species mentioned in How to Speak Dragonese.

Physical Description

There are no pictoral references for the Lesser Blackbacked Seadragon. However, by the above statement, they may function like seagulls and be of similar size. They are 'blackbacked', as indicated in their names. They also have "Seadragon" in their name, so it might be inferred that they are classed as Sea Dragons.


Based on the passage from How to Speak Dragonese, the Lesser Blackbacked Seadragon is a gregarious species that is very vocal.


How to Speak Dragonese

When Gobber the Belch gives a class to the Viking novices about how to raid a Peaceable fishing boat in the middle of a fog, he mentions the Lesser Blackbacked Seadragon as a guide.

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