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Don't call me Leonard! Only my mother calls me that! The name's Buzzsaw! [src]
  — Buzzsaw to anyone who calls him his real name rather than his nickname.  

Leonard "Buzzsaw" Burne is a former major antagonist of Dragons: The Nine Realms. He is the former owner of the Burne Lumber Company and the former enemy of the Dragon Club.

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What is the role of Leonard 'Buzzsaw' Burne in Dragons: The Nine Realms? toggle section
Leonard 'Buzzsaw' Burne is the main antagonist in Dragons: The Nine Realms. He is the former owner of the Burne Lumber Company and is known to be an enemy of the Dragon Club. Buzzsaw is also known for his animosity towards Tom Kullersen, a character in the series. His character is often associated with the buzz dragon, adding a unique twist to his role in the series.
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What is the significance of the 'Buzzsaw' nickname for Leonard Burne? toggle section
Leonard Burne, also known as 'Buzzsaw', is a character from Dragons: The Nine Realms. The nickname 'Buzzsaw' is significant as it reflects his past as the owner of the Burne Lumber Company. It also symbolizes his aggressive and determined personality, especially in his quest for revenge against Thunder, whom he mistakenly believes to be responsible for a fire that destroyed his business. The 'buzz' in 'Buzzsaw' could also be a playful nod to his interactions with dragons, tying in with the 'buzz dragon' SEO phrase.
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What is the relationship between Leonard Burne and the Dragon Club? toggle section
Leonard Burne, also known as 'Buzzsaw', is a main antagonist in Dragons: The Nine Realms and is an enemy of the Dragon Club. His actions often put him at odds with the club, leading to numerous confrontations. Despite his antagonistic role, his interactions with the Dragon Club are a key part of the series' narrative.
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What is the history of the Burne Lumber Company in Dragons: The Nine Realms? toggle section
The Burne Lumber Company in Dragons: The Nine Realms was a small logging company operating in the forests near the Kullersen Fissure. It was founded 57 years prior to the events of the series by a logger and businessman named Sterling Burne. The company was later led by Leonard Burne, also known as 'Buzzsaw'. Unfortunately, the company was destroyed in a wildfire caused by Leonard himself. After the fire, the loggers were left stranded as Leonard had taken their only van to get more gas, leaving them to abandon the company and run for their lives.
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Why is Leonard Burne considered an antagonist in Dragons: The Nine Realms? toggle section
Leonard Burne, also known as Buzzsaw, is considered an antagonist in Dragons: The Nine Realms due to his role as the former owner of the Burne Lumber Company and his adversarial relationship with the Dragon Club. His actions and intentions often conflict with those of the main characters, leading to tension and conflict within the storyline.
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Physical Appearance[]

Buzzsaw is a young man in his late teens, with dark brown eyes and hair which he keeps combed backwards. His clothing consisted of a dark green hoodie with a black buttoned jacket over it, along with blue jeans and black hiking boots.

By Season 3, Buzzsaw can also be seen occasionally wearing a black ski cap, a brown logging/hiking belt, and a black face mask with two respirators on its cheek sections covering the lower half of his face, including his nose and mouth.

By Season 5, Buzzsaw's hair is slightly longer, and his facial hairs have started growing. He initially keeps his normal attire (except his hat), but after expanding into the Nature Realm, he tears off the sleeves of his black jacket and begins wearing black work gloves and brown, belt-like straps wrapped around his gloves and boots. His blue jeans are also slightly torn.

In Season 7, he now wears a brown chestplate over his sweater and has green scales on his sleeves.


Buzzsaw exhibits notable volatility and mental instability, as observed by those who interact with him. While the specific disorder remains unknown, it is apparent that he suffers from some form of mental illness. His behavior is characterized by erratic tendencies and a heightened propensity for irritation, often erupting into fits of rage over minor mistakes or perceived offenses. In his role as the head of his family's company, he demonstrates verbal abuse towards his employees and shows an unwillingness to accept any excuses for mishaps, even when they are not at fault. Notably, he degrades his employees for incidents beyond their control, such as running out of gas for their chainsaws. Additionally, Buzzsaw harbors an intense aversion to being addressed by his given name, Leonard, and reacts with extreme anger when others, aside from his mother, use it to refer to him.

Due to his mental instability, Buzzsaw is highly irrational, shortsighted, unintelligent, and arrogant. He possesses a complete lack of common sense, even in life-threatening situations. This is shown when he used an unsafe outside plug to power his chainsaws, which started the fire that destroyed his company’s logging site. His irrationality is so great that he even attempted to drive into the fire in a attempt to save the lodge, believing that he could simply put out the entire fire himself, despite how obvious it was that he alone couldn’t put it all out and that the lodge was far beyond saving. Despite this, Buzzsaw isn’t completely stupid, as he has on occasion shown himself to utilize cunning in capturing dragon’s in the Hidden World and was even able to outsmart Tom during their second encounter.

Buzzsaw also appears to have an utter lack of responsibility and is unable to see fault in his own actions, which suggests he has a narcissistic personality. This is shown when after the fire at his logging site began, he immediately believed someone else had caused it, never even considering that his unsafe logging methods could have been responsible. Not only that, after losing his family's business, he immediately swore revenge on Thunder after seeing him in the sky, fervently believing that the "lightning bird" was responsible for the fire, despite having zero evidence.

After losing the logging site and spending weeks in total isolation within the forests around the Fissure following the incident, Buzzsaw's already damaged mental state deteriorates even further, with him entering into near-constant mood swings, switching from being seemingly friendly and polite to disturbingly angry and potentially violent at any moment. He now obsessively seeks revenge on the "lightning bird" for supposedly destroying his business (even though he was solely responsible), and will stop at nothing to slay it. His growing insanity and irrational hatred of Thunder has also made him tremendously paranoid of all other people he comes into contact with, suspecting anyone he meets of either knowing about the "lightning bird" or working to sabotage his efforts at catching it. He is especially suspicious of the ICARIS station, convinced that the "lightning bird" is actually a genetically-engineered creation of the Rakke Corp, despite having utterly no evidence to support his accusations.

In addition to his insanity, Buzzsaw has also shown himself to be a sadistic highly murderous sociopath, possessing little to no empathy for anyone other than himself. He is perfectly willing to kill anyone whom he sees as an obstacle to his plans in getting revenge on Thunder. This even includes children, namely the riders of the Dragon Club, whom he has attempted to murder on a number of occasions without remorse. In addition to his lack of empathy, he also possesses a very arrogant and condescending philosophy regarding nature, viewing it as nothing more than a source of resources for humans, namely himself, to exploit and profit off of. This belief is especially prevalent in how he views the dragons of the Hidden World. In contrast to the Dragon Club, who see and admire the beauty of dragons, Buzzsaw, like the Dragon Hunters and Northern Alliance of the Viking era, sees them as only living resources whose only value is to be used for personal benefit, namely as sources of food and wealth. He has also deluded himself into thinking that he is the "King of all Dragons". When he saw the picture of Dagur the Deranged in the Book of Dragons, he decided that Dagur looked like a proper "King of Dragons".

Based on his talk with Eugene in "Magma Comes to the Surface", however, it's possible that that a large part of Buzzsaw's mental instability is derived from feeling a large amount of pressure to live up to his family name and his desire to earn his strict mother's approval. He is shown to idolize his grandfather, Sterling Burne, and wishes desperately to uphold his legacy and protect his business. He also loves and deeply respects his mother, as she is the only one he permits in calling him by his true name.

He is also, despite all appearances, fully capable of rational thought, as demonstrated by the fact that he doesn't try to fight in a battle he doesn't think he can win. For example, he didn't even try to fight the Sky Torcher, instead opting to fly away on Jack because he recognized that he and Jack could never defeat him and would both be killed by the giant dragon - though this may simply have been an act of cowardice. It was the same after the Jörmungandr seemingly killed his Sky Torcher.

Initially, Buzzsaw came off as a dangerous, but incompetent enemy. Although he posed a threat to the Dragon Club from the very moment he met them, he was repeatedly outsmarted and defeated, often in hilarious ways. This changes as the series progresses and he gradually becomes a bigger threat, especially after he stole the Book of Dragons, attacked Rakke Town and decided to take over the Hidden World. However, despite his villainy, Buzzsaw was able to bond with Jack and eventually realized the error of his ways and redeemed himself. And after the Dragon Riders saved his dragon's life, he came to fully respect them for who they were and what they do to help those in need.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills[]

Marksmanship: Buzzsaw seems to possess a fair amount of precision of aim when throwing his hatchet at targets, being able to throw it from several feet away and land right on the target he is aiming for.

Outdoor Survival Skills: Buzzsaw claims to be knowledgeable and skillful in multiple methods of survival in the outdoors, having survived on his own in the forests outside the Kullersen Fissure for several weeks with no other human contact. The truth behind his claims, however, is highly questionable, however, as despite being capable of setting up traps for Thunder, Buzzsaw has been shown to fall into them himself very easily.

Craftsmanship: Buzzsaw is shown to be very talented at woodcarving figures, as shown in "Fire Escape" when he crafted a very detailed and precise woodcarving of Thunder. It is also presumed he built reins that Jack wears throughout season 5. He was also able to build a lot of ice cages with limited resources and even a little house.

Driving: Buzzsaw seems to be a fairly skilled driver, as he managed to evade many of the obstacles that were hindering his path while driving through the wildfire to his logging town. However, he is easily prone to distraction which caused him to crash before he could reach the town.

Whistle: With a carved whistle, he is able to lure small/medium dragons like Snowtails and Terrible Terrors into his traps by mimicking their calls. He also used it to make a Timberjack Jack do his bidding, high notes to wild it up and low notes to calm it down.

Dragon Training: Thanks to Tom's Dragon training skills and the Dragoncall-whistle, Buzzsaw can now train dragons and make them obey him. His Timberjack Jack, two Gronckles for Ford and Winston, and three Flame Throwers. Thanks to his dragons he can even capture large dragons like an Octofin and thanks to the Timberjack he could capture the Flame Throwers. In the Dark Realm he could even train a Sky Torcher with his whistle. Another help for training dragons was the Book of Dragons, where he could read a lot about the weaknesses of the dragons. For example the weakness of the Sky Torcher in the Ice Realm.

Hunting: Because of his life living in a forest, Buzzsaw seems to be a great hunter, because he knows a lot about hunting animals and can build many different traps. Thanks to the pictures of Dagur in the Book of Dragons he could even build crossbows and ballistae with large harpoons and darts.

Physical Strength: Buzzsaw, despite being of relatively average build, was able to drag a medium-sized Night Light for an impressive distance.

Medical Skills: Thanks to D'Angelo's medical skills, Buzzsaw learned how to treat the sick and injured. He learned how apply certain ointments for pain or breathing problems and how to make a splint for broken body parts.


Ford, Dood, and Winston[]

Ford, Dood, and Winston were loggers in the Burne Lumber Company under Buzzsaw's management. His relationship with his three employees was almost entirely negative, however, largely due to his unstable personality. While they were working for him, Buzzsaw was verbally, and possibly, physically abusive towards them for making even the slightest mistake and hated whenever they addressed him by his real name, which he had forbidden. He also seemed to have had a tendency to blame them for things that weren't their fault, such as running out of gasoline to power their logging equipment and constantly diminished them, feeling that he always knew better than his employees. Because of this, the three brothers hated working under the volatile teenager, and would often mock him behind his back, taking special note of his mental instability.

When the logging town caught fire (which was due to Buzzsaw's dangerous use of outside electrical equipment), Buzzsaw was visibly enraged to see them evacuating, despite the obvious danger they were in if they had stayed. In turn, the three brothers were unsurprised of Buzzsaw's foolish attempt to put out the fire himself, noting how he wasn’t the "sharpest tool in the box". With the lumber company’s destruction, Ford, Winston, and Dood were no longer Buzzsaw’s employees and thus abandoned any further contact with him (most likely to their relief).

After fleeing the Sky Torcher, Buzzsaw abducted Ford & Winston (Dood was not present at the time) to help him hunt dragons. Since then, Buzzsaw's employees have followed all his orders with no objections.


Buzzsaw and Jack are best friends, comrades and even family to one another. Their friendship and bond is extremely strong due to their similarities of using cunning to get what they want, communicating, being understood by each other only and having a mutual hatred for the Dragon Riders. Buzzsaw views Jack as his second in command and uses him for helping him strategise attacks rather than Ford or Winston who he uses for muscle and is mostly seen alone with Jack.

Buzzsaw initially held no regard for the Timberjack's wellbeing, using him with his carved whistle to expand his armada. Jack, in turn, disliked Buzzsaw for his cruel methods initially. However, Buzzsaw was able to feed a reluctant Jack and even fly him sometimes. This grew in Season 6 when they developed a bigger bond. Buzzsaw and Jack got used to their odd relationship and developed a close friendship. Buzzsaw relied on Jack during this time and Jack had no objections letting Buzzsaw feed him and even fly him. Buzzsaw was even shown to genuinely care for his dragon, feeding him as much as he wanted, scratching and petting him and even taking him on flights for enjoyment. This grew so much that Buzzsaw believes now that Jack is the only one who truly understands him. Since this moment, the two were never seen apart on a mission, with Buzzsaw not needing to ever use his whistle on him, rather keeping Jack close all the time. The dragon reciprocates this by defending Buzzsaw by will and protecting him. This goes to the point where they risk their lives for each other. Jack was revealed to have taken the World Serpent's attacks to save Buzzsaw willingly. Buzzsaw in return was on the verge of tears about the plight of his dragon and best friend, even willing to talk to his worst enemies to get Jack help. He was willing to trust D'Angelo in order to save Jack's life and stayed with him until he recovered. When the forge was used by Tom and Jun for Gronckle Iron, Jack's saddle was seen on the ice. With Jack unable to fly, this implies that Buzzsaw cared for Jack in his cabin where he recovered. Later on, an enraged Buzzsaw gets revenge on the serpent for trying to kill his dragon by making Jack wound the top of the creature's head with his signature sharpened wing tips and stays with Jack to help the other dragons injured by the serpent. Buzzsaw and Jack seem to still reside in the Ice Realm, however with no intention of conquest or malpractices.


Buzzsaw possesses an exceedingly strong and irrational hatred for the Night Light Thunder, whom he calls the "Lightning Bird". Buzzsaw first saw Thunder while driving into the forest fire to save his logging company. When he caught of glimpse of Thunder before he disappeared into the smoke, Buzzsaw was instantly intrigued about what he had seen, but this distracted him and caused him to wreck his vehicle. Following the destruction of the logging town in the fire, Buzzsaw once again caught a glimpse of Thunder, just as he was decloaking. Maddened by the loss of his family's logging site, Buzzsaw came to believe that Thunder was responsible for the forest fire (when in actuality he himself had caused it). Since then, Buzzsaw possesses a strong desire of revenge against the Night Light and has made it his personal mission to hunt down and kill Thunder. After finally encountering each other in the Ice Realm of the Hidden World, the two have since engaged each other in a number of skirmishes, with Buzzsaw occasionally coming close to ending Thunder, only for his efforts to always be thwarted, either by the Night Light’s superior intelligence or by assistance from the Dragon Club.

In addition, Buzzsaw’s deep obsession with revenge against Thunder has been shown to have taken a considerable toll on his already fragile sanity, causing his both of his mental and emotional states to drastically decline over time. He is willing to go to near whatever lengths in order to exact his revenge on the Night Light, including attempting to murder other humans to do it, further showcasing how pathological his hatred is. Despite this, he rarely attempts to kill Thunder outright, instead sadistically wishing to savor the moment by intending to make the dragon’s final moments as frightening and painful as possible, showing an unhealthy urge to make him suffer before finishing him. Ironically, however, this refusal to kill Thunder immediately has often led to Buzzsaw’s defeat on a number of occasions. His hatred of Thunder has also left him with a hatred of dragonkind in general, causing him to view them as little more than savage, destructive monsters.

By season 8, with the threat of Jörmungandr increasing, Buzzsaw came to realize the errors of his obsession after Jack was injured and poisoned by the serpent. He went to the riders for help and, despite Thunder's distrust in him, showed him that he had a change of heart when he showed that he truly cared about the Timberjack's health and well-being. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now as Buzzsaw gave up on his vengeance on Thunder.

Tom Kullersen[]

Out of all the Dragon Riders, Buzzsaw hates Tom the most, largely due to him being both Thunder’s rider and the leader of the group. The two first encountered each other in the Ice Realm of the Hidden World, when he posed as an injured hiker in order to deceive and gain information on the Dragon Club. Though Tom was initially fooled by Buzzsaw’s deception, he soon able to realize Buzzsaw’s true nature and was able to defeat him and drive him off. Since then, the two have maintained a strong mutual animosity towards each other, with Buzzsaw being determined to kill Thunder, Tom’s dragon, as well as Tom himself when he gets in the way, and Tom being determined to stop Buzzsaw for good.

In addition to his hatred of Tom, Buzzsaw has been shown to have utterly no respect for him. Instead, he considers Tom to be the least intelligent of the Dragon Riders and takes great pride in outsmarting Tom, seeing it as testimony to the boy's supposed stupidity. This underestimation of Tom has often led to Buzzsaw’s defeat on a number of occasions, which has only served to increase his hatred of the young dragon rider. Despite this, Buzzsaw did briefly show some respect for Tom when the boy offered the maddened logger how to properly train and ride his own dragon. However, he quickly reneged on whatever chance of redemption Tom had offered him when assumed that Tom’s was attempting to trick him, causing him to once again attempt to kill Tom. Since then, the two have remained bitter enemies.

By season 8, however, when Buzzsaw came to see how dangerous Jörmungandr really was, he realized the errors of his actions and risked getting the riders' help to treat the injured Jack, despite their bad encounters. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating he and Tom are on good terms now.

Eugene Wong[]

Eugene was the first member of the Dragon Club Buzzsaw encountered and is also the one he despises the most aside from Tom.  Buzzsaw first encountered Eugene in “Fire Escape”, prior to his initiation into the Club, when they had accidentally bumped into each other in the woods outside of ICARIS. Suspecting that he possessed information regarding the “lightning bird” and ICARIS, Buzzsaw brought Eugene back to his camp sight and forcibly interrogated him about both. To his frustration, however, Eugene provided him with no answers, with the unhinged logger becoming increasingly annoyed by the boy’s claims that the “bird” may have been in fact a dragon. Despite finding Eugene annoying, Buzzsaw still allowed him to accompany him when they both heard the sounds of a strange creature in the forest, though he possessed no real fondness for the boy, being indifferent when he seemingly fell and got hurt.

In “Magma Comes to the Surface”, Buzzsaw once again encountered Eugene in the forest while searching for Thunder, this time being unaware that his former acquaintance was now a Dragon Rider and ally of Thunder’s. During this second encounter, Buzzsaw was once again hostile towards Eugene for information, though he became much more applicable and open towards him when Eugene offered to council him on his problems. Their brief friendship quickly came to an end, however, when Buzzsaw accidentally uncovered and attempted to attack Thunder, prompting Eugene to knock him unconscious from behind. Since then, Buzzsaw maintains a strong grudge against Eugene and is determined to make him pay for deceiving him and foiling his attempt on Thunder’s life. This animosity has only grown since learning that Eugene has joined the Dragon Club and joined them in foiling his poaching efforts in the Ice Realm.

After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating he and Eugene are on good terms now.

Alexandra Gonzalez[]

Like the other Dragon Riders, Buzzsaw is an enemy of Alex and possesses a strong hatred for her. In “Cold Open”, the two first encountered each other in the Ice realm alongside Tom and Jun when they discovered Buzzsaw posing as an injured hiker in order to deceive and gain intel on them. Unlike Tom and Jun, however, Alex recognized from the beginning that Buzzsaw was lying and used her perception to help reveal his true nature to the other riders. She made multiple cynical, verbal jabs at him to try and get him to reveal his true nature. Since then, the two have become bitter enemies with Alex often working to foil Buzzsaw’s dragon poaching operation.

Like with the other riders, Buzzsaw possesses no respect for Alex as an adversary, continuously viewing her as nothing more than a foolish kid and no match for him. This has caused him to underestimate her and the others on a number of occasions, which has often led to his defeat.

He captures her in 404 Alex Not Found when she went off on her own to get away from the riders for awhile. She soon tricked him into believing that she could help him find the "Killer Dragon" he was looking for. After much convincing, she managed to convince him to give her the Book of Dragons so she could escape. This made his hatred for her and the other riders deepen even more.

After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating he and Alex are on good terms now.

Jun Wong[]

Like with the other Dragon Riders, Buzzsaw and Jun possess a mutual animosity towards each other, with Buzzsaw despising her for her association with Thunder, while Jun despises him for his cruel poaching of dragons and attempts on Thunder’s life. When they first met in the Ice Realm, Buzzsaw deceived Jun, along with Tom and Alex, into believing he was an injured hiker in order to gain information from them, though she soon learned about Buzzsaw’s true nature from her brother Eugene. Since then, the two have been enemies, with her and the other riders battling him on occasion in the Ice Realm. Like the other riders, Buzzsaw looks down on Jun because of her younger age and constantly underestimates her, with this constantly leading to his defeat during these encounters.

After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating he and Jun are on good terms now.

D'Angelo Baker[]

As a dragon poacher, Buzzsaw is an enemy of D’Angelo’s, the Dragon Club’s dragon veterinarian in training. Like with the other riders, Buzzsaw despises him and holds no respect for him, considering him to be nothing more than a foolish kid that he can easily outsmart. D’Angelo, in turn, holds Buzzsaw thoroughly in contempt for his cruel methods of hunting dragons and his attempts on Thunder’s life. The two have clashed with each other on a few occasions, during which D’Angelo provides assistance to his friends in defeating Buzzsaw, constantly hindering his efforts to both kill Thunder and hunt the dragons of the Ice Realm.

In "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Despite the others distrusting the logger, D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and he saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while the young Dragon Doctor did his best to treat the Timberjack. He was shocked that D was willing to help Jack despite all the bad things he's done and that he didn't go look for Plowhorn right away. D gave him some advice about honor and duty, because he mentioned how he made a vow to help all dragons in need, no matter what. He also mentioned it was time for him to understand the damage his ego has caused not only to his surroundings, but also to his own dragon friend. In return for his help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by saving D from Jörmungandr and treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now. As of that, it seems Buzzsaw respects D'Angelo the most out of all the riders.

Wilma Sledkin[]

Upon meeting Wilma, Buzzsaw developed a strong disliking and distrust of the geological scientist, Dr. Wilma Sledkin, due to her association with ICARIS and the Rakke Corporation. Buzzsaw first met the doctor when she and her colleague, Dr. Olivia Kullersen, were researching a sinkhole on his property in search of new minerals samples. Recognizing their affiliation with ICARIS, Buzzsaw blackmailed them into allowing them to oversee their progress, in order to ascertain what they knew about the “lightning bird” he believed the station to be responsible for. Though Sledkin agreed to this and attempted to be polite to him, Buzzsaw became increasingly impatient and abrasive towards her, demanding information on the “lightning bird”, to which the doctor had utterly no idea about.

This experience left Buzzsaw and Sledkin with a mutual disliking of each other, with the mad lumberjack disbelieving her denial over the creature’s existence, while Sledkin regarded him as a delusional and dangerous “nut”. When Sledkin and Olivia finished their work, they swiftly drove away from Buzzsaw as he continued his delusional ranting against them. Since then, Buzzsaw has sworn to get revenge on Sledkin and the entire Rakke Corp by killing “their lightning bird”.

They meet again in Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team in the Ice Realm where he offers her a deal that if she can help him read the Book of Dragons and take over the Hidden World, she can have all the Dragonsite she's wants, to which she instantly agrees. She even showed him a page in the book she took some pictures on involving the Dark Realm and Jörmungandr giving him a step towards finishing his goals.

After the riders treated Jack's injury and conditions, he learns that Wilma abducted Plowhorn, and offered them the location of her secret lab so they could find the young Gembreaker, indicating that his hatred for her has grown while his disrespect for the riders had diminished.

Olivia Kullersen[]

Like with Dr. Sledkin, Buzzsaw shares a strong, mutual animosity with the Rakke Corp geologist, Dr. Olivia Kullersen. In “Downpour”, Buzzsaw first encountered Olivia when their respective vehicles nearly collided while she and ICARIS Security Chief Philip Baker were rescuing his employees when his logging town caught fire. Luckily, Olivia managed to evade his incoming vehicle, preventing a terrible crash. As they drove off in their separate directions, Buzzsaw angrily ignored Olivia while she condemned his attempts to drive back into the fire as "crazy".

In “The Sky Torcher”, Buzzsaw would once again counter Olivia, this time face-to-face, when she and Dr. Sledkin had unknowingly stumbled onto his land while conducting research. While it is unknown if they recognized each other from their previous encounter, Buzzsaw immediately developed a strong dislike for Olivia upon noticing her affiliation with ICARIS. The logger blackmailed her and Sledkin into allowing him to oversee their activities at a sinkhole, or else report them for trespassing. During this time, Buzzsaw, to Olivia’s growing discomfort, became increasingly verbally hostile towards her and Sledkin, accusing them and their company of being responsible for the “lightning bird” and demanding answers for which they had no idea as to what he was talking about. This only increased Buzzsaw’s animosity towards Olivia, and, likewise, her dislike of him, causing her and Sledkin to make a hasty retreat after they finished their work, all the while the mad lumberjack continued his ranting against them.

In Season 8, it remains unknown, but Olivia may likely have been informed of Buzzsaw's reformation and she had forgiven him for his actions.

Philip Baker[]

Buzzsaw briefly encountered the chief of security at ICARIS at the same time he first encountered Dr. Kullersen, when they were helping to evacuate his employees during the Wildlife fire at his logging town. Like Dr. Kullersen, Baker considered Buzzsaw’s attempts to drive back into the fire as deranged and was dumbfounded by his stupidity. Buzzsaw, in turn, was annoyed by Baker and Kullersen’s sudden appearance, yet chose to ignore them as he continued to drive off towards his family’s burning logging town. After Buzzsaw directly attacked Rakke Town, Baker realized how dangerous he is and became cautious of him.

In Season 8, it remains unknown, but Phil have have been informed of Buzzsaw's reformation and had forgiven him for his actions.



  • Much of Buzzsaw’s behavior and his personality traits are very similar to those of Dagur the Deranged prior to his redemption. This includes abusing those who serve under them.
    • Both he and Dagur become obsessed with revenge against a type of Fury dragon that belongs to the main protagonist of their respective series (Dagur sought revenge on the Night Fury Toothless and his rider Hiccup, while Buzzsaw seeks vengeance on the Night Light Thunder and his rider Tom), That is until they realize how their obsession has only caused damage to themselves and someone close to them, therefore they redeemed themselves.
    • It could be possible that Buzzsaw aka Leonard Burne might be Dagur's descendant, as Tom and Thunder are Hiccup's and Toothless' descendants.
  • It is implied during his heart-to-heart moment with Eugene in “Magma Comes to the Surface” that Buzzsaw’s mother may have been emotionally abusive towards him during his childhood, which could be a major contributing factor to his fragile mental state.
  • Buzzsaw seems to possess a strong fondness for hot tea.
  • Buzzsaw is the first human who isn’t a dragon rider to have journeyed to the Hidden World on-screen.
  • His voice actor, Haley Joel Osment is known for voicing Sora and Vanitas in Kingdom Hearts.
    • He also voiced another DreamWorks character, Kash D. Langford in Camp Cretaceous, who, similarly to Buzzsaw, serves as an antagonist to the series.
  • Buzzsaw has allergies to synthetic fabrics.
  • He claims to be 5'9" but Ford says he isn’t an inch over 5'7".
  • Buzzsaw is the first villain of this series to reform. Similar to how Viggo Grimborn reformed in the last season of Race to the Edge, but Buzzsaw didn't perish during the battle of Jörmungandr.

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