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Lava Louts are the Hairy Hooligans' greatest enemies. They are sometimes called 'snakes in helmets'.


When Humongously Hotshot the Hero first arrived on Berk, the Hooligans believed he was a Lava Lout, as he has protection from the flames of the fire he came from. The Lava Louts had already fled the Island, so they were never shown.

The Lava-Louts suits are made from dragon-skin allowing them to be safe from fire (a great necessity since they live on a volcanic island) and completely cover the body. Even a Lava-lout cloak gives them protection against flames, with it being said it was as cold as the ocean and smell comfortingly of fish (Page 65).

It was said that they were cruel slavers. This fact was reinforced when Hiccup, Toothless, Fishlegs, and Camicazi went to  the Lava-Lout Village, there were cages everywhere, manacles, chains, whips, weapons of all description. Huts with barred windows with beds of stone or iron (Pages: 149-150). They Humongously Hotshot forge swords with them and using both humans and dragon to dig in the Lava-Lout Goldmines (Which was hinted as to what Hiccup Windwalker escaped from [Page 18.])

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

The Lava Louts are briefly mentioned, as Stoick remembers the reason why he walks with a limp, is because of a fight with the Lava Lout.

Tribe Members


  • They are never seen in any of the books.
  • Their is a island called Lava Lout island in the game Wild Skies

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