Oh, well, isn't that a great show of family support? Things get a little sticky and old Cousin Lars leaves us with our swords in our hands. Tell me, is that how you hunters do things? 'Cause I'd rather know now... Relax. I trust you. Every family has a Lars #2. [src]
  — Dagur  

Lars #2 is a Dragon Hunter mentioned by Savage in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2 episode, "Edge of Disaster, Part 2".


Attack on Dragon's Edge

Lars #2 is a member of the Dragon Hunters. He, along with Skarsgard and Nygren, were involved on an attack on Dragon's Edge against the Dragon Riders, in "Edge of Disaster, Part 2". Though he and his fellows are not seen, they faced a tough fight against Astrid and Tuffnut. Because of their efforts and the incorrect knowledge they were fighting against all the Dragon Riders, Lars #2 and his fellows desert the Dragon Hunter effort. Dagur calls him completely expendable, to which Ryker takes offense, because he is his cousin.



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