Krogan's Rumblehorn is a Rumblehorn trained by Krogan that was briefly seen in Dragons: Race to the Edge.


A Quick Escape

Krogan's Rumblehorn appeared in "The Wings of War, Part 1", where it was seen during a flashback. After Drago Bludvist burned down the hall where the meeting of chieftains was taking place, Stoick the Vast, the only survivor of the incident, saw both Krogan and Drago fly away from the scene on their respective Rumblehorns.

Physical Appearance

Krogan's Rumblehorn is representant of its species. It is emerald green in color.


  • It is possible that, as part of Drago's dragon army, this Rumblehorn was eventually freed from Drago and joined Toothless, the new Alpha, on Berk, although this hasn't been confirmed.
  • Krogan's Rumblehorn has the same coloration as both Skullcrusher and Drago's Rumblehorn.

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