Knaff. Population: 86. Trade: fishing, weaving and brewing. But... no slate mining.
  — Hiccup reading about Knaff  

Knaff is a location mentioned multiple times in the Riders of Berk comic, "The Stowaway", and is noted as one of the westerly isles.


There is no description of this island, but based on the inhabitants' activities, the land is suitable for farming grains and supports grass, presumably for sheep (wool). The people of Knaff are known for their fishing, weaving, and brewing.


Dragons: Riders of Berk Comics

Hroar arrives at Berk as a stowaway in "The Stowaway" and claims to be from the island of Knaff. Later however, Hiccup realizes that this is probably a falsehood after a little research.


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