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King Stormheart was the king of the Mongrel Tribe, who was first mentioned in the game Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.



The exact circumstances of King Stormheart's death are currently unknown, but he was murdered by Drago Bludvist sometime before the events of Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.

King Stormheart was revealed to have tried to assassinate Grimmel the Grisly on many occasions, before his daughter Eir Stormheart met him. It remains unknown as to why King Stormheart wanted to kill Grimmel.


Little is know about King Stormheart, but he seemed to be combative and create enemies, especially being the leader of a warrior tribe which espoused physical prowess. Since he tried to kill Grimmel, he was not above violent tactics to solve his problems or conflicts.

Since his daughter, Eir, seems to remember him fondly and was very traumatized by his death, it is possible that King Stormheart was a good, loving father.



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