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We are bowing before our new protector, King Burple!

"King Burple" is the ninth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


After Burple and Cutter crash-land in a village of tiny dragons, Burple's unintentional act of courage leads the locals to crown him as their king.

Major Events


KB - Burple about to move.jpg

The Rescue Riders are the middle of practicing new moves with the Elbone Doll. Winger and Dak fly up above The Roost and drop the doll, in order for Burple to catch it. As the Rockspitter prepares himself, Cutter encourages him, which distracts Burple from the task. He tries to catch the doll three more times, but fails them all, catching Aggro. Burple apologies, claiming that he's disappointed in himself for not succeeding at catching the doll.

KB - Don't worry, Elbone.jpg

Just then, the real Elbone arrives at the Roost and notices the doll. He claims that it resembles his twin brother, Albone, much to everyone's surprise. Elbone then tells the Rescue Riders that he lost his boat, while testing wood anchors, and that Rocky and Shelly were on it. He asks the Rescue Riders for help, and they agree. Dak invites Elbone to ride with him on Winger and they all take off to find the boast, as Elbone continues to talk about Rocky.

KB - Go east.jpg

Out at the sea, Cutter uses his acute sight to search for the boat, but to no avail. Upon reaching a couple of Sea Stacks, Leyla decides to split up in order to cover more ground. She tells Burple and Cutter to go east, Winger and Dak west, while she, Summer, and Aggro will go north. Elbone asks which way he will go, to which Dak tells him that they will go together. Leyla tells the others to regroup at midday at the Sea Stacks and the Rescue Riders all fly in their respective directions.

KB - Burple and Cutter being blown to Flyhopper island.jpg

As Cutter and Burple fly west, they accidentally enter a huge storm. Burple tries to protect his friend, but they both get blown off by the wind on a nearby island. Cutter crashes through a tree and gets stuck on a branch, while Burple falls on a wolf. Jumping away, Burple spits a rock at the wolf, hitting it in the face, which makes it run away scared. A small dragon then come out from behind Burple and is amazed by the Rockspitter's act. He calls for dozens of other dragons and calls Burple a king, much to his and Cutter's surprise.

KB - And they're not back yet.jpg

Meanwhile, the rest of the Rescue Riders regroup at the sea stacks, with no luck in finding Elbone's boat. Winger claims that he had no luck in stopping Elbone from screaming into his ears. To prove his point, Elbone screams one last time for Rocky and Shelly. Leyla admits that she didn't find the boat either, and that she was seasick from staring at the ocean. Elbone tells her that Rocky is also seasick. Summer then realizes that the boat must be east, as Burple and Cutter did not return. They starting flying in that direction, with Elbone screaming after his pets.

KB - The huge victory feast.jpg

On Flyhopper Island, the small dragon introduces himself as Oscar and gives Burple and Cutter a tour of the Flyhopper Village. Oscar explains that his colony had to live in the trees because of the wolves, but that they can return to the ground, since Burple came to protect them. Cutter begins to laugh at them, saying that Burple didn't save them on purpose. However, the Flyhoppers laugh at him, believing that Cutter is the king's clown. Burple explains to Oscar that it was all an accident, but after seeing the feast the Flyhoppers prepared for him, he changes him mind and begins to eat.

KB - Cutter with a bunch of apples on his head.jpg

Cutter asks for a feast too, but Oscar simply tells him that, as a clown, he will eat last. After Burple finishes eating, Cutter asks the Flyhoppers again, so Oscar tosses him a small fish. Cutter is annoyed by the situation, so he uses his sharp tail to crave a drawing of himself in a nearby tree. However, a pile of trees falls on his head, and the Flyhoppers laugh at him. Oscar then asks Burple for orders, so the Rockspitter tells other Flyhopper to do as Oscar says. Burple also allows the Flyhoppers to move back to the ground, before taking a nap.

KB - A very rocky beach.jpg

In the meantime, the rest of the Rescue Riders still search for Elbone's lost boat. Elbone notices his basket and boot floating on water and grabs them. The Riders then find Elbone's boat crashed on a beach, so they land on it. Elbone scares off two seagulls that were pecking Shelly and retrieves it. While searching for Rocky, Leyla suggests that it fell off the ship, but when she look overboard, she sees hundreds of rocks laying on the beach. The Rescue Riders begin searching for Rocky, and Winger states that it will take them a long time.

KB - A pack of wolves.jpg

On the other side of the island, Burple is treated like a king by the Flyhoppers, much to Cutter's annoyance. The Razorwing then asks him what is he going to do when the wolves return, but Burple assures him that they won't. However, they hear distant howls and when they fly above the trees, they see an entire pack of wolves headed towards the Flyhopper village. Burple then calls all of the Flyhoppers and tells them that the wolves are returning, ordering them to move their eggs back in the trees. However, they believe that Burple will fight off the wolves and refuse to do so.

KB - Leyla having tossed the rock.jpg

On the rocky beach, the Rescue Riders and Elbone continue to look after the latter's lost pet. Leyla, Summer, and Aggro are making piles of rocks that aren't Rocky, while Dak and Winger fly fast above the beach, scanning all the rocks at once. Unfortunately, Elbone runs in from of Winger, and the Swiftwing is force to turn quickly, smashing into the girls' piles and scattering their rocks. Dak apologies, and Leyla continues to check the rocks, tossing them to Summer, who in turn tossed them in Dak's direction.

KB - Oscar sending an apple to Cutter.jpg

As the pack of wolves gets closer to the Flyhopper village, Cutter persuades Burple in telling his subjects the truth. He accepts and tries to tell the Flyhoppers how falling on the wolf was an accident, but they don't believe him and they start laughing, thinking Burple is joking. Oscar then tosses an apple with his tail at Cutter, which gives him and Burple an idea. Cutter asks Oscar if all Flyhoppers can do it, so others throw apples at him too, demonstrating their ability.

KB - The wolf having been hit by the apples.jpg

The wolves finally reach the Flyhopper village, only to find Cutter, Burple, and Oscar laying still. As the wolves launch at them, hidden Flyhoppers attack them with apples. Surprised by the attack, some of the wolves retreat, while others charge again at the Flyhoppers. However, the dragons keep throwing apples at the wolves, hurting them. When the last wolf attacks Burple, Oscar jumps at it. but only manages to hit it in the nose. The other Flyhoppers the hit it with apples and the wolf runs away.

KB - Burple having put Osacr in the nest.jpg

Burple announces to the Flyhoppers that wolves are unlikely to return and that the dragons can defend themselves. He then tells them that he won't be their king anymore and passes the title to Oscar. The Flyhopper is surprised by the decision, but accepts it. Burple places Oscar in the royal nest and all the Flyhoppers cheer for their new leader. Burple then announces that he and Cutter will leave the island, so Oscar invites them to visit whenever they want. He then tosses a fish to Cutter, who appreciates the gesture.

KB - Burple having found Rocky.jpg

Burple and Cutter then take flight and soon notice Elbone's boat on the other side of the island. They reunite with their friends, who had given up on searching for Rocky. Yet, Burple is able to find the missing rock in mere seconds, much to Elbone's delight. The fisherman then sails to Huttsgalor, with the Rescue Riders flying beside him. He thanks them for helping him find his boat. Dak congratulates Burple for finding Rocky very fast, so he decides to call himself the King of Rocks. He offers Cutter to be his clown again, much to the latter's annoyance.




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