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Kessler is a character featuring in a folklore story told by Gobber during "Bad Moon Rising".


Mentioned by Gobber

His name . . . was KESSLER! He was a weird kid. Bright red hair. Eyes as black as night. And naughty as a Nadder in a chicken coop. One night, little Kessler, against his parents' wishes, went exploring in the forest. Days went by, no sign of him, only a far away scream coming from the woods. The little bugger never returned . . . or did he?!? Every year from then on, when little Kessler's birthday rolled around, a red, black eyed dragon would fly over his parent's house, and pluck one of their sheep right out of the paddock. It would look back, taunting them. [src]
  Gobber the Belch  

Kessler was mentioned in the episode "Bad Moon Rising" by Gobber when he recounted his story to Tuffnut, who suspected that he was bitten by a Lycanwing.

Physical Appearance

As a human, Kessler was described to have red hair and extremely black eyes. According to legend, he became a red dragon that had black eyes, a splitting image of himself as a dragon.


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