We serve a different master, boyo. And she don't take kindly to trespassers!
  — Kaysc to Scribbler  

Kaysc is a minor character appearing in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.


Setting up Camp in the Havenholme Ruins

Kaysc and his partner Benhose have taken up residence in the underground ruins on the island of Havenholme, protecting a mysterious female boss and her activities there. They fight off Scribbler and the dragon hatchling Patch, when they explore the ruins to find the source of a distressed dragon's roars.

Physical Appearance

Kaysc is an adult male with a completely shaved head and no facial hair other than brown eyebrows. He wears non-Viking garb - an off-white tunic with blue triangle patterns around a feathered collar. He also has red tattoos or warpaint on his arms and leather bracers.



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