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Katrina the Curious was a character seen in the Game School of Dragons, but has been replaced with Heather in September of 2013. Therefore, Heather is much different in School of Dragons than in the original films, as the producers reused Katrina's body model for Heather, merely changing the head atop of it.


Alchemy at the School of Dragons

As Alchemist in the game, School of Dragons, Katrina was involved with scientific experiments with the students (players). She was part of player Quests, and initiated some Quests as well. It is unknown why she was replaced in the game by Heather, other than Heather was a more prominent character to fans of the Franchise. Even so, Heather was changed greatly within School of Dragons, due to her playing much the same role as Katrina with a mere facial difference.

Physical Appearance

Katrina had bright red hair, a small figure, and wore a garment mimicking a white lab coat. She also wore goggles on her head and often carried a large ladle used for her alchemist experiments.



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