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Will you just try to open your mind. There’s a whole world out there we don’t understand. [src]
  — Jun to Tom Kullersen  

Jun Wong is one of the main protagonists in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. She is the daughter of ICARIS' Director of Operations May Wong, the younger sister of Eugene Wong, and the girlfriend of Tom Kullersen. A passionate expert of mythology, Jun joined Tom in forming the Dragon Club to guard the existence of the Hidden World of dragons from the entire world. Her dragon is a Mist Twister named Wu and Wei.

Official Description

Jun is a new age mystic and Tom's childhood best friend. There is no myth or magic that she doesn’t believe in, unlike her mum, the no-nonsense director of ICARIS. She hates to be wrong and will sometimes make up facts so she won’t appear ignorant, but she’s a true and loving friend, ready for anything.

She’s thrilled when she discovers dragons, because to her this means every magical legend must be true! She may be the ‘weird one’ in her family, but she is an expert on mythology and lore, often using that knowledge to help her friends navigate through the dragon realms.


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Physical Appearance

Jun is a 14-year-old girl of Chinese descent with purple eyes and black hair which she keeps in a bun. She wears a purple hoodie over a violet red t-shirt, along with purple gym shorts, pitch black leggings, and two dark purple tennis shoe-like boots. Each boot has a symbol of a skull within a light blue triangle, which is located on the respective boot’s opposite side (on the left side of the right boot and on the right side of the left boot). She also wears a black string-necklace with a turquoise pendant in the center.

Her Fire Suit and helmet are purple with dark purple scales with her undershirt and leggings being indigo. Her helmet and shoulder pads have a golden Mist Twister symbol on it.


Tom: "Guess you're still the girl who's into everything magical."
Jun: "Uh… it's not magic, but yeah, I am."[src]
  — Tom and Jun discussing the latter's interest in the occult  

Jun has an interest in all things mythical and fantasy, which she is not afraid to share with others. She firmly believes that there are things that science can't explain and that people must open up their minds to the impossible in order to better comprehend life. This hobby of hers is reflected in her personal items such as her jade necklace and the Eye of Ra symbol on her phone case. As shown by her interest in tarot cards, she is also a firm believer in destiny and predetermined fate. Due to her love of fantasy, Jun believed in the existence of dragons, even before encountering them. This belief also extended to various other kinds of mythical creatures, as Jun even suggested that Yetis and Chupacabras could also exist upon seeing Thunder.

Jun's belief in the supernatural has, however, caused her to become frustrated with others' simple-mindedness, particularly that of her mother. Jun holds a bit of an insecurity in regards to her relationship with her mother, due to May's constant ridicule of Jun's interest in mysticism and fate. This has led Jun to believe that May thinks she is crazy and has tried to prove her mother wrong. When she first discovered Thunder, Jun attempted to take a picture of him for her mother, in order to prove that her beliefs about dragons are true.

Jun is shown to be a strong-spirited, kind, and responsible individual. Unlike Tom, who was initially against letting D'Angelo and Alex into Dragon Club, Jun was more accepting towards the idea of letting them join, believing that they were trustworthy enough to keep the dragons a secret. But she felt the opposite when it came to her brother Eugene, when he discovered Dragon Club, she was against letting him into the group, even though Tom was willing to give him a chance to see if he could bond with a dragon and keep the secret. She is shown to be a bit mischievous, as seen during her many times sneaking up on Tom and even trying to scare him with a surprise. Similar to Tom, Jun is also shown to be very empathetic towards animals, especially dragons after discovering their existence. As her compassion for the dragons grows, Jun develops into a very brave dragon rider, who is unafraid of riding into battle to protect others.

Jun also seems to have a flair for the dramatics at times, as seen when she attempted to have Wu and Wei practice their hiding techniques. In "The Tangled Web" it's shown that Jun suffers from a very severe case of arachnophobia, causing her to dislike dragons that possess spider-like features like the Spiderwing and Deadly Spinner. She also has a tell when attempting to lie: right eye twitches when ever she exclaims something that isn't true.

Like the other members of Dragon Club, Jun considers it her duty, and her destiny, to protect the Hidden World and the dragons that live within it. She is also shown to be very selfless as well. Despite her strong desire to prove to her mother about the existence of dragons, Jun restrained herself upon realizing that this could put the dragons in danger. Her selflessness was shown again when the dragons' cave was beginning to collapse because of the Fault Ripper's quakes, Jun sent Wu and Wei back to the Hidden World to ensure their safety, despite the likelihood that she would never see them again. This shows that Jun is willing to forsake her own happiness for the sake of her dragon.

She is also clever, spiritual, inquisitive, wise, patient, tomboyish, and fatalistic.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

  • Dragon Riding and Training: Jun has shown herself to be a skilled Dragon Rider, despite having no training prior to meeting Wu and Wei. Prior to the dragons obtaining their saddles, she was able to easily maintain her balance on both of her dragon's heads without falling off. While Jun initially struggled with training Wu and Wei new hiding and combat techniques, she eventually was able to teach her dragon multiple new methods that aided the Dragon Club greatly on their later missions. She has also been able to teach various kinds of tricks with the other riders' dragons at times as well.
  • Interpretation: Jun is skilled at deciphering the meaning behind various methods associated with fatalism, including astrology charts and tarot cards.
  • Mythologist: Jun is familiar with the myths of various cultures and knows much about numerous types of legendary figures, creatures, and locations. She has been shown to have extensive knowledge on myths from Chinese, Greek, and Mesopotamian mythology. Her knowledge of ancient myths have proven useful to the Dragon Club on numerous occasions, especially in "Ride or Die", when utilizing her shield she used the same method Perseus used to defeat Medusa in defeat the Flame Throwers in the Fire Realm.
  • Speed and Acrobatics: Jun has shown been shown to very physically fit and capable of performing impressive maneuvers during intense situations. In “Ride or Die”, in the Fire Realm, Jun demonstrated her physical prowess by performing a number of impressive leaps and jump-flip maneuvers from one molten rock to the next, each time landing right on target, all the while battling the Flame Thrower dragons without any loss of concentration.
  • Ingenuity: Jun has shown herself to be clever and intuitive during a number of occasions. She was able to quickly devise a way to use the wild Magma Breather to seal up the entrance to the Hidden World in Sector 2 of the Kullersen Fissure, which prevented the secret of the dragons being exposed. She was also able to quickly devise a clever method of destroying the giant Bubblehorn ball from reaching Rakketown, and finding a way to detonate it at a safe distance, which prevented the town's destruction and saved all the people living there.
  • Drawing: Jun possesses a natural talent in drawing and sketching pictures, having written several drawings of the various kinds of dragons the Dragon Club has encountered in perfect detail.
  • Shield Handling: out of all the riders, Jun is very good at handling her shield in any battle, like using it to blind the Flame Thrower dragons. She has also been using it when playing Vikings with Tom to improve her skills with it.


May Wong

Tom, she thinks everything I believe is silly kids' stuff. You don't know how that feels. She needs to know the truth! She needs to know her daughter isn't crazy! [src]
  — Jun expressing to Tom her difficulties with her mother.  

Jun's difficult relationship with her mom

During her childhood, Jun possessed a close relationship with her mother. However, as Jun matured their relationship became slightly strained with May seeing her interest in fantasy and mythology as a waste of time, believing that such interests will prevent her from being successful in life, something she makes no attempt to hide from her daughter. Jun is shown to be often frustrated with her mother's lack of imagination and dismissing attitude. Upon finding out dragons were real, she intended to take a picture to prove to her mother that she was right, but decided against it after Tom pleaded her not to in order to protect the dragons from human exploitation.

In "Ride or Die", Jun's relationship with her mother began to deteriorate further, when the two had a fight over Jun's interest in mythology as opposed to the business career that May envisions for her. During this fight May harshly scorned Jun's interests in myth and became increasingly verbally abrasive towards her, forcing her to take an online CEO course without her daughter's consent, all the while expressing her lack of faith in Jun's skills to survive in her own and her disappointment in the person that she is becoming. Following this, Jun was left deeply hurt by her mother's words, her disinterest in her happiness, and her utter distrust in Jun's abilities. This has left their relationship increasingly damaged, with Jun determined to prove her mother wrong, while also firmly denying to be like her when she is older.

Despite their differences, they do love each other very much. During one of the Fault Ripper's Earthquake's the two were shown comforting each other as they took cover under a desk. And, with advice from her older brother, she came to appreciate May a little more by season 5. When she and Eugene revealed their dragons to their mom, she was startled, speechless, and shocked upon seeing her daughter being right about dragons existing in the real world. Even after learning the secret, she still had problems convincing her mom that her myths about dragons can come in handy. It wasn't until May saw that Sledkin had been doing unauthorized tests involving dragons and mining dragonsite that harmed them that she decided to give her daughter a chance to teach her what there is to know about dragons. This may indicate that their relationship has slowly began to improve, and she took it more serious to protect the dragons at all costs.

Her Father

Not much is known about Jun's father, but there has been some hints that she had a better relationship with him than with May. She was willing to believe so many of the mythical stories he had told her and Eugene when they were little. The fact that they both liked dreams and myths may imply that she takes more after him than her mom.

Eugene Wong

Wong Sibling Love

Jun hugging Eugene

Eugene is Jun's older brother, with whom she initially shared a strained relationship with due to his immaturity, laziness, and abrasive attitude towards her. During Jun's youth Eugene would often bully her and her friends, namely Tom. However, prior to his arrival at ICARIS they mostly didn't see each other, since Eugene usually travelled with their father while Jun travelled with their mother.

Prior to his initiation into Dragon Club, Eugene often showed himself to be quite abrasive and inconsiderate towards Jun, often picking on her, intruding into her privacy, and causally discarding her belongings if he saw fit. He would rarely miss off on an opportunity to tease her and would usually have her do the choirs that he was expected to do. In addition, he, like their mother, didn't care for Jun's mythological interests, having considered them to be wholeheartedly "lame". This caused Jun to resent Eugene's presence and always dreaded his arrival. She was also particularly irritated by how their mother would always side with him over her and how easily she would always fall for Eugene's "sweet-boy routine". It was also shown that she was unafraid of physically hurting Eugene should he intrude on her privacy, as seen by how she boobytrapped her room, knowing that Eugene would attempt to sneak inside.

Despite their usually poor relationship, it is evident that the two siblings do care for each other. When Jun tricked and locked him in the storage closet of the general store, Eugene was impressed rather than angry by his sister's deception. In addition, Jun was genuinely concerned for her brother when she remembered that she forgot to release him from the storage closet several hours later. When Eugene learned the truth about the dragons, however, he initially attempted to expose his sister out of spite for her secrets, making them enemies, before blackmailing her and the other riders into making him a dragon rider, or else he would expose them to the adults at ICARIS.

During this time, she was skeptical and annoyed when he demanded to join them and get his own dragon, all the while expressing a complete lack of faith in his ability to tame one, while also expressing her anger towards him for his poor treatment of her over their lives. This led to multiple arguments between them, which after many failed attempts to find him a dragon, made her even more frustrated with with her brother. Despite this, it was still evident that the two sibling did indeed care about each other, when Jun risked her life to protect Eugene from the invading Flame Throwers and he, in turn, attempted to protect her when she was frightened by a Deadly Spinner.

After Eugene bonded with Webmaster, Jun's opinion of her brother greatly improved, being deeply impressed with the teamwork he displayed with his dragon and his newfound skills as a dragon rider. Following their initial battle with the Flame Throwers, the two siblings shared a hug over their respective survivals, though they quickly became embarrassed soon after. Since then, though Eugene still teases and pranks around, Jun eventually accepted her brother into the Dragon Club, proudly watching as he was initiated into the group, and showing a high level of trust and amazement in his skills as both a rider and strategist.

When she and Alex tried to use their dragons to save the ICARIS helicopter, they were starting to lose their grip, but Eugene showed up with Webmaster to help them, and she claimed she was "so glad to see him". This may indicate that their relationship has improved even more.

Tom Kullersen


Jun and Tom

Jun and Tom are childhood friends, having known each other since they were five. The two would often play together as children and were implied to have been best friends. She was with Tom the day he climbed into the city zoo's polar bear habitat. The two friends, however, would go their separate ways following this due to Tom joining his mother on her research expeditions around the world.

After meeting up at ICARIS eight years later, she still feels he is impulsive but is still eager to be friends with him again. Eventually, she suspected Tom was hiding something, causing her to follow him a number of times until she eventually met Thunder at the cave where he met up with Tom. Although Tom had attempted to keep the truth about dragons hidden from her, he nonetheless trusted her with the secret upon her discovery of Thunder.

After she finds out about dragons and then trains her own, the two form a close bond, with the two becoming the founding members of the Dragon Club, followed by D'Angelo and Alex. As a member of the Dragon Club, Jun is shown to trust and respect Tom as a leader, having no problem following his orders during a battle. She is also Tom's closest human friend and a trusted confidant whom he can turn to for advice. This was shown when despite her deep desire to prove to her mother the existence of dragons, she refrained from filming Thunder at Tom's request, realising the harm this could place the dragons in.

Jun has been to shown to care deeply about Tom's wellbeing. After Tom was dragged to the bottom of the fissure by the Fault Ripper, she was brought to tears at his apparent death until he flies up on Thunder, which earns him a punch on the arm for scaring her, similar to Astrid. Because of this and their history together, Jun and Tom are closest of the Club's riders and possess a significant mount of trust in each other. Jun can easily tell when something is bothering Tom, and was more accepting of his initial lone-wolf disposition, understanding that this was due to his background. The extent of their trust was shown when Tom told her the secret of his helmet before Alex and D'Angelo and asked for her help in deciphering its meaning.

Despite this, they do at times fight and can be disappointed in each other. Tom, for his part was disappointed when Jun brought Nibbles back from the Hidden World, while Jun was initially upset with Tom keeping secrets from their teammates. Despite this, however, the two friends are shown to quickly forgive each other, with their bond of trust being both restored and strengthen following the hardships that they face.

In Season 7, Tom at first feels anxious when he struggled to tell Jun about his feelings for her, which inadvertently offended her. When they got trapped in a tree full of Woodchippers, he let go of his stress and finally confessed his feelings for her and she did the same to him. They soon worked together to learning more about the other realms from Norse Mythology bringing them close to finding the rest. They went on their first date in Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team.

In the end of Season 8 they have their first kiss.

Wu and Wei

Main article: Jun and Wu and Wei's Relationship

Wu and Wei are Jun's dragon and one of her closest friends.

D'Angelo Baker

Jun and D'Angelo started off as classmates at ICARIS sometime following the station's construction. While they were associated with each other, they didn't appear to be particularly close, despite D'Angelo's attempts to be friends. This changed when D'Angelo caught her and Tom attempting to steal medical equipment to treat an injured Gembreaker in the Hidden World. Unlike Tom, who was wary of D'Angelo, Jun was open to letting him in on the secret of the Hidden World due to his veterinary skills and convinced Tom to allow it.

The two would end up becoming close friends after she and Tom took him to the Hidden World to heal the Gembreaker, whom D'Angelo named Plowhorn and took as his dragon. Since joining the Dragon Club, D'Angelo and Jun are shown to be good friends and work well together in battle. Despite this, she, like Tom and Alex, does worry about D'Angelo's difficulties with lying and how that has nearly exposed the secret of the existence of the Dragons on a number of occasions.

Alexandra Gonzalez

Jun and Alex are both students at ICARIS, due to their mothers working at the station. Initially, the two had little interaction aside from attending class together, during which Alex chose to silently work at her computer rather than socialize with the other kids. They became closer after Alex discovered the dragons in the woods. Unlike Tom and D'Angelo, Jun was open to welcoming Alex into the Dragon Club, feeling that they could trust her despite knowing little about her. After Alex joined the club, she and Jun became good friends and work together to protect the Hidden World. They have often been shown to work better alongside each other than Tom and D'Angelo and are shown to deeply enjoy their company despite their differing interests and personalities.



Jun affectionately petting Thunder

Thunder was the first dragon Jun had ever encountered, while she was the first human he met after Tom. They first met after Jun followed Tom to the cave where Thunder was staying. Initially, having never seen an actual dragon before, Jun was fearful of Thunder and assumed he was attacking Tom when pounced on him. This fear quickly disappeared when she saw that Thunder and Tom were friends, causing her to be awestruck by how majestic the Night Light was. Since then, the two have become friends. Jun shows a strong fondness for Thunder, being impressed by his abilities and doting of his playful habits. Her care for Thunder was shown when she reluctantly refrained from video recording him on her phone to show her mother, after Tom made her realize the danger this could place Thunder and the other dragons in. Thunder, for his part, seemed fond of Jun, allowing her to pet and ride him without hesitation, and being protective of her during the battle with the Gembreakers. This is mostly due to him realizing how close she and his rider are.

In "Hearts of Heroes", Thunder came to see that Tom and Jun really like each other and helped them make amends after a misunderstanding. In "Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team", he brought them a picnic basket for their first official date, showing he will do anything to keep their relationship from breaking apart.


When they first met, Jun and Plowhorn possessed a negative view of each other. Having met Plowhorn right after being attacked by other Gembreakers, Jun was fearful of her when she and Tom discovered her injured, but sympathized with her due to her injures. Seeing the dragon in so much pain, allowed Jun to be easily convinced by Tom to speak out aid for the injured dragon and made numerous attempts to help her despite her hostile attitude. Following D'Aneglo's training of Plowhorn, their relationship became positive and friendly. In "Magma Breather", it is shown that Plowhorn has no issue in taking orders from Jun, despite not being her rider. It has also been shown that Jun has taught her how to perform a number of circus tricks alongside Wu and Wei, behind D'Angelo's back.


Jun has been shown to get along well with Feathers. She has been shown to be impressed by both Feathers' unique cloaking abilities and her exceptionally strong bond with Alex. Jun finds Feathers to be a good influence on Alex, seeing as how the two's friendship brings the latter out of her shell and helps her mature in life.


Webmaster is the dragon of Jun's older brother Eugene. When Jun first encountered Webmaster, she was initially terrified of him due to his Deadly Spinner physiology, which resembled that of a spider. Webmaster, in turn, was initially hostile towards Jun, due to having been frightened after being attacked by a pack of Flame Thrower dragons. After Webmaster bonded with Eugene, however, and became his dragon, Jun overcame her fear of Webmaster and has since respected him as she does for all the dragons in the Dragon Club. She has also been shown to appreciate the positive influence he has had on her brother, noticing that Eugene has become much more mature and selfless since bonding with him. Despite this, she does occasionally get upset with Webmaster whenever he complies with Eugene in pranking the other riders.

Philip Baker

Jun seems to have a decent relationship with D'Angelo's father. The two have known each other prior to "First Flight, Part 1". Jun seems to respect Philip as head of security, while he seems pleased that Jun has befriended his son D'Angelo. In "Dragon Club", Philip and his wife happily had Jun and Tom over for dinner at their dome.

Fissure Fault Ripper

Jun, like the other Dragon Club members at the time, initially held an antagonistic relationship towards the Fissure Fault Ripper, considering him a major threat when his tunnelling underneath ICARIS threatened to both harm the Club's dragons as well as send the station crashing into the Fissure. During the Club's battle with the Fault Ripper in the Fissure, the massive Boulder Class dragon proved to be a formidable opponent, during which he managed to knock Jun off her dragon and nearly sent her falling to her death had Wu and Wei not caught her in mid-air.

Despite their initial antagonism, Jun didn't hold any grudge towards the Fault Ripper after he seemingly fell to his death in the Fissure below, and later joined Tom in searching for him in the hopes that he was still alive. When they did find the dragon alive, however, Jun remained fearful of him due to his massive size and aggressive attitude and was skeptical of Tom's attempts to train him. After Tom succeeded in training the Fault Ripper, however, Jun quickly overcame her concerns regarding the massive dragon and came to view him as an extremely useful ally, especially following the Dragon Club's battle with the invading Sky Torcher. During this clash, the Fault Ripper, along with several other dragons from the Crystal Realm, arrived in time to rescue Jun and the other riders from the Sky Torcher and proved instrumental in both saving the Crystal Realm and driving the fearsome Alpha back to the Fire Realm. Since then, Jun and the Fissure Fault Ripper have been on good terms, with Jun now admiring him for his abilities and their usefulness in fulfilling the Dragon Club's mission to protect the Hidden World.


Jun took an instant liking to Shadow as she considered him to be "the cutest baby". Shadow even gave her a goodbye hug at the end of The Night Lights, Part 2, when it was time for the club to leave the King's Realm.

Leonard Burne (Buzzsaw)

Jun first met Buzzsaw in the Ice Realm when he pretended to be an injured hiker named Keith. When she told D'Angelo and Eugene about this, Eugene immediately realized the hiker's real name and his real goal, which made Jun extra worried about Tom and the others. After stopping Buzzsaw, he became an enemy to her and the whole club.

However, in "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Jun and the other riders felt distrustful of the logger, but D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while D did his best to treat the Timberjack. Jun was shocked to see that Buzzsaw was telling the truth, and that Buzzsaw has truly bonded so well with Jack. In return for their help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now.

Wilma Sledkin

Jun understands about Sledkin's selfish ways and seems to have a bitter feeling about her. But they both seem to be interested in myths about places like Atlantis, as heard in Sting It On!. While Jun did use this as a distraction to stop her from going into to sinkhole, she did seem to understand she too has beliefs about certain myths that May Wong never liked to hear. Despite Wilma being selfish, Jun does worry about her safety as she does her mom and brother.

In Undercover, Sledkin forms an unexpected friendship with Jun and she takes her for a ride to the Hidden World to do some exploring. But unbeknownst to Jun, she was just being used by Sledkin gather more information about dragons and dragonsite to do unauthorized tests on them. Since then, their friendship had been demolished, and Jun had become even more distrustful of the greedy geologist. Especially when Wilma had secretly snuck out of her dome by tunneling right under her floor to get to the dragon world to blast more dragonsite out of the caves to collect for herself.

Now that Wilma has teamed up with Buzzsaw, she came to dislike the scientist for not only get more of the mineral for herself, but also harming any dragons or humans that get in her way.



  • Jun was the one to give Dragon Club its name.
  • There have been a few subtle hints that Jun and Tom may develop feelings for each other. According to Tom Kullersen's voice actor, Jeremy Shada[1], Tom is slowly developing feelings for Jun by the end of season 2. They eventually become a couple.
  • Upon reuniting with Tom after the Fault Ripper dragged him down, Jun punched Tom's shoulder and said "That's for scaring me to death" which is a reference to Astrid's line to Hiccup after he woke up from his coma. Toms reply, "What about everything else?" is a reference to Astrid's next action after punching Hiccup, hugging and kissing Hiccup and saying "and that's for everything else!".
  • According to Alex, Jun's eyes twitch when she's hiding something.
  • It is mentioned in "Ride or Die" that Jun's father believed in dreams and stories, which could imply that Jun takes after her father.


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