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Jorgen Redboot is a male character who first appeared in the episode "Belly Flop".


Finding his Red Boot

In "Belly Flop", one of Jorgen's red boots was accidentally swallowed by a Sea Gronckle along with Elbone. The dragon eventually vomited everything from his mouth after tasting Dak's Seven Spice Seafood Surprise. Jorgen then found his missing boot and claimed to not be himself without it. He then decided to look for his red boat as well.

Physical Appearance

Jorgen Redboot is a tall black viking, with a muscular built. He sports a brown beard and moustache and has short har. He wears a simple blue shirt tied with a rope around the waist and beige trousers. He wears a typical viking helmet with a pair of long curved horns. He sports a pair of red boots, from which his name derives.




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