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Jorgen is a Viking captain of the ship, the Fraghen, seen in the comic, "The Stowaway".


Bringing Hroar to Berk

Following a battle at sea with the Outcasts aboard his ship, the Fraghen, Jorgen discovered a young Viking named Hroar in his hold.

He returns to Berk and deposits Hroar there while his ship undergoes repair.

In fact, the skirmish with the Outcasts was a ploy to deposit Hroar aboard and infiltrate the Hooligans, and disrupt life with the dragons.

Physical Appearance

Jorgen is a portly and solid adult male Viking with a full, red beard. He has sideburns styled into plaits which extend down farther than his beard. He has a helmet with two large horns and two small horns, as well as metal pauldrons.



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