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No one drives this ship except Waldondo! And sometimes Jesus. [src]
  Waldondo del Mundo  

Jesus (pronounced "Hey-Suess") is a minor character appearing in the special, Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon.


Helping Waldondo del Mundo

During one adventure with Waldondo, Jesus encountered the Rescue Riders while searching for a Golden Dragon whose egg is made of gold. The Riders turn Waldondo's Ship in the wrong direction, pushing it toward two rival pirate ships. Waldondo asked Jesus to "take the wheel" of the ship, while he dealt with the meddling Riders. Waldondo was unsuccessful, and while expressing admiration for the Riders' plans, a weighted net fired from another ship takes out Jesus and off the ship.

Physical Appearance

Jesus is an adult male with short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. His facial features are not revealed, due to being covered with a metal helmet with a face shield. He wears a simple green short-sleeved tunic that goes over his hips, and is tied with a basic brown rope. He has tan breeches and brown boots.


Not much is divulged about Jesus, but he must be trustworthy, as the shrewd Waldondo del Mundo trusts him to steer his ship.



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