Jens Henderson is a Viking who is mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Exiled from Traal

When he was five years old, Jens Henderson witnessed the banishment of all Crimson Goregutters from his village. His family kept their Goregutter, Wapititan hidden in their house, but they were eventually discovered. As the chief's men were taking Wapititan away, Jens protested and tried to save his friend, but was stopped by the guards, breaking his arm in the process. Seeing Jens in danger and pain, Wapititan burned down the house and murdered all the guards, but two. Because of this, Jens and his family had to flee from the island, along with the Goregutter. Jens lived the rest of his life as an outlaw, and eventually died, leaving Wapititan alone.


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