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Jellyfish are a group of invertebrates that live in the ocean and are some of the earliest forms of life.


Jellyfish (Phylum Cnidaria) are a group of marine invertebrates that are extremely simple in nature. They have no blood, bones, teeth, or other parts of a normal animal body. Instead, their bodies consist of a little over 90% water. All species have several tentacles descending from their top, or bell. These tentacles contain special cells, called nematocysts, that, when brushed, shoot venom into their prey. This venom kills the prey, allowing the jellyfish to safely drag it up to its mouth for consumption. The venom of some jellyfish is strong enough to harm or even kill humans.


Jellyfish in the franchise have been seen as food for some dragons. In some games, they also have the ability to affect score or movement speed, both abilities that no real jellyfish possesses.

In actuality, some Asian cultures do eat jellyfish after careful preparation. They have also been used in scientific research, as well as attractions in mainly public aquariums.



Dragon Training Legends

In the game Dragon Training Legends, the player must guide a Scauldron through the sea, avoiding Viking trash and eating tasty fish. In this game, two varieties of jellyfish appear. The blue, or Multiplier, jellyfish doubles the player's score for a period of time, while the orange, or SlowMo, jellyfish slows down time for a brief period, enabling the player to eat faster-moving fish and avoid Viking trash quicker.



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