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We've been charged with procuring as much of this specific Ice Tail Pike as possible. And our leader, he's someone to be feared if crossed. [src]
  — Jarg  

Jarg is a minor character that appears in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5 episode, "Return of Thor Bonecrusher".


The Job at Outcast Island

Jarg was in charge of a group of bandits who kidnapped Alvin the Treacherous and held him for ransom. He was instructed by his bosses not to acquire gold, but Ice Tail Pike.

The Outcasts brought in the help of Thor Bonecrusher. Surprisingly Thor Bonecrusher double-crossed the Outcasts and alerted Jarg of a set-up. However, Thor Bonecrusher tackled power away from Jarg and started running the kidnapping operation. Eventually, however, Bonecrusher double-crossed the bandits, Alvin was saved, and their fish bounty lost.

Jarg returned to his bosses, Krogan and Viggo Grimborn, with the news of his failure. For his failure, Viggo suggests tossing him down a Whispering Death hole, but Krogan indicates that that wasn't a good idea. Instead, Krogan wants to witness Jarg suffering as he dies. He then has Jarg dragged off by a soldier, and he's heard screaming, which suggests he's being killed by getting tortured slowly.

Physical Appearance

Jarg is a bald, clean-shaven adult man with a bulbous nose. He is thick and stout. He has probably seen many fights in his lifetime, as he is missing his right eye and wears a wide black patch over it.

Abilities and Skills

Fighting: Jarg is a skilled combatant, for he is able to disarm and overpower both Fishlegs and Snotlout. He is then defeated when Fishlegs tackles him out of rage for knocking Snotlout out.


And who are you? [src]
And what prayers would those be?
So. Bonecrusher, you say?
You know, you look exactly like one of those dragon riders. The stocky one. Fishlegs.
It's way too dangerous, Thor. Now with the dragon riders on to us.
So, you see, Krogan, sir, it was impossible to have seen what was coming.


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