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Ooh, I know a demon when I see one! No human legs are that skinny! [src]
  — Ivar to Hiccup  

Ivar the Witless is a dragon trapper who works for the Warlords.


War against the Dragon Riders

Ivar was first seen patrolling his ship and keeping the caged dragons quiet until he was confronted by Hiccup and Toothless. Upon seeing Hiccup walking through a wall of fire unharmed, Ivar frighteningly mistook him for a demon. As the other Dragon Riders swooped in, Ivar grew hysterical by their appearances until he was knocked out by Astrid.

The next day, Ivar noticed that the Dragon Riders have freed all but one dragon: a female Light Fury, and brought her to his superiors, the Warlords. Ivar informed them about the Dragon Riders' raid, and the Warlords have resorted into hiring the notorious dragon hunter, Grimmel the Grisly, to capture Toothless and all of Berk's dragons.

Later on, Grimmel succeeded in capturing Toothless and his flock, but he reneged on their deal by keeping Toothless to himself, forcing all of the dragons to revolt against the trappers. During the battle, Ivar mocked Fishlegs for bringing Fishmeat, a baby Gronckle to the fray. Fishlegs warned Ivar to not point his sword at Fishmeat, which was immediately proven when the Rescued Crimson Goregutter rushed in and destroyed all of the ship's mast, forcing Ivar and the other trappers to flee in terror.

Abilities, Skills and Talents

  • Combat: Ivar is able to use a spear and a lantern to fight against Hiccup for a short period of time. He later uses a sword in the final battle against the Dragon Riders.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

What are you? [src]
  — Ivar to Hiccup  

Ivar first encountered Hiccup during an evening raid. The two had a brief scuffle before Ivar throws his lantern to the ground, only to be terrified when he witnesses Hiccup and Toothless walking through the flames unscathed. Ivar starts to call Hiccup a demon, and despite the latter's attempt to explain the logic of his dragon scale armor, the trapper is forced to flee in panic.


Ivar seems to get along well with his superiors, since they did not punish him for informing the Dragon Riders' latest raid and bringing in only one dragon to their base.



  • Ivar the Witless’ name seems to be a play on The Viking Ivar the Boneless from Norse legend

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