"So, what should we name it?"
(Toothless, apparently ignoring Hiccup, grooms under one of his forelegs)
"Itchy Armpit, it is."
  — Hiccup  

Itchy Armpit is a land of the Barbaric Archipelago that appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2, and then later in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

This autumn-hued fjord represented the farthest east Hiccup and Toothless traveled on their world-mapping adventures before smoke trails led them to Eret’s devastated fort and, ultimately, to Valka and Drago’s war over dragons.
  Dragons: Race to the Edge Interactive Map  
Toothless named this island during one of his and Hiccup's many explorations. It is near where they discovered Eret, Son of Eret and his band of dragon hunters. Once teeming with wild dragons, the Shivertooth is one of the few who remain.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


From what has been seen of Itchy Armpit, one can conclude it is a beautiful forested area, with rocky hills and mountains. There is also a thick mist in many areas.

As revealed by Grimmel's map in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Itchy Armpit is the largest continuous landmass in the Barbaric Archipelago.

Local Dragon Species

Though no dragons have been seen, Hiccup suspected there might be Timberjacks, Whispering Deaths and perhaps even a Night Fury might be living in the forests, though the latter was probably to cheer up Toothless. Although dragons seem to be absent, one can conclude there used to be many of them, seeing how Eret and his band made their base here.

According to the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk, many dragons used to live in the area. However, many were picked off by Dragon Hunters, with the Shivertooth, Sliquifier and Thunderpede being some of the few remaining species. Hiccup's map also shows an unnamed dragon, which is known to live near Itchy Armpit as well.

Local inhabitants

The only known humans that lived in this region were Eret and his gang of dragon trappers. Seeing how they made their base here, one can conclude Itchy Armpit is a habitat for many dragon species, which is confirmed as they captured quite a lot of them. However, after the Bewilderbeast destroyed the fortress and freed their dragons, they were forced to leave in order to find more dragons for Drago's dragon army.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Looks like we found another one, bud. [src]
  — Hiccup to Toothless, after a crash-landing  

Hiccup and Toothless first encounter this new area after a crash-landing. Hiccup then proceeds to make a drawing of it on his map. Upon asking Toothless what they should name it, Toothless proceeds to scratch his armpit, giving Hiccup the idea to name the area "Itchy Armpit."

After Astrid catches up with them on Stormfly, they fly over the area to discover a large section of the forest had been burnt by fire, and so was a fortress, covered in gigantic ice crystals. This leads them to meeting Eret and his band of Dragon Trappers.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk also released Itchy Armpit in July 2019 as an area the player could develop to place dragons. This location also has a Sawmill for dragons to harvest wood as a resource.


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