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Elbone: "Can I put you down for some Itch Ferns?"
Winger: "Itch Ferns? Those sound horrible."
Burple: "I'm getting itchy just thinking about them."
Elbone: "I'll take those roars as a yes, and put you each down for a dozen."
  Slobber Power  

Itch Fern is a plant that is only mentioned in the episode "Slobber Power".


The Itch Fern is not pictured, therefore no known physical description exists. In general, Ferns are a class of plants with specialized tissues for water and nutrients (vascular plants), but reproduce by spores and not flowers and seeds. Roughly speaking, ferns have leaves that are highly divided into multiple leaflets. Often they are found in shady and moist areas such as in woods and forests.

Based on the name and character reactions, the Itch Fern may contain one or more compounds that cause rashes or dermatitis to the skin.


There does not appear to be a specific function for the Itch Fern in the Franchise, but Elbone does naively intend to grow them as a decorative plant.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

During Elbone's brief stint as a flower salesman, he attempts to sell some Itch Ferns to the Rescue Riders. Winger and Burple assert that they do not want the ferns, but Elbone, unable to understand dragon, places them down for a dozen anyway.

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