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      The Isle of Thizzian is an island seen in the Season 5 of Dragons: Race to the Edge.


The Isle of Thizzian is a rocky island with a single, tall, and narrow mountain spire in the centre. There are sea stacks around the island. Vegetation consists of grass, trees, and the Sassafras plant.

This island may be located not too far from Dragon's Edge, as Hiccup indicates that he and Astrid are "only gonna be gone for a day or two." This time would include travel both ways, as well as staying on the island and harvesting sassafras.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

In "Dawn of Destruction", Hiccup and Astrid go to the Isle of Thizzian in search of Sassafras Albidum plants, which grow only on this island. They spend some alone time together and go on a moonlit flight before heading back to the Edge just as Krogan and the Dragon Flyers start to attack it.


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