Isle of Lost Vikings is a location seen in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


The Isle of Lost Vikings is mostly a forested area, with several cliffs and two lakes in the middle of the island. Its most prominent feature is a system of underground tunnels and caves, filled with booby traps by vikings. One of the entrances is located at the edge of a forest, while the other opens to a beach surrounded by Sea Stacks.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Treasure Riders", the Rescue Riders, Marena, and Waldondo del Mundo went to the Isle of Lost Viking in search for Odin's Gem. They ventured inside a cave full of booby traps, but managed to survive thanks to the dragons. When they emerged from the other side, they ended up on a beach, where a viking ship was located. However, the whole thing was a setup, as Waldondo planned to capture the Rescue Riders. He trapped Marena and left her on the island, after which he sailed with the dragons locked under the deck.


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