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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

An Invading Skrill appears in the expansion Battle for the Edge in the game School of Dragons.


Invading Scuttleclaw Island

After discovering Scuttleclaw Island, Astrid Hofferson reported on its existence to the player and asked for their assistance in exploring the island. In the interim, a Skrill arrived at the island and began attacking the native flock of Scuttleclaws in order to drive them out of their nest and claim their territory. Upon returning to the island, Astrid and the player noticed that the Scuttleclaws were attempting to drive away the Skrill. In order to help the native dragons, Astrid and the player devised a plan to drive the Skrill away from the nest.

In order to get the Skrill's attention, the player flew to a high vantage point on their dragon and shot fireballs at it, enraging the Skrill. At the same time, Astrid swooped down past it on Stormfly, getting the dragon's attention and leading to it following her. The player's dragon repeatedly shot more fireballs at the Skrill in order to slow it down, with Astrid eventually losing the Skrill in the island's ice cave. The Skrill then left the island soon afterwards.

Physical Appearance

The Invading Skrill is representant for its species, being dark blue with some gray patches on its wings and a gray belly. The nasal horn, the spine crest on its head, and the spines on its back and tail are also dark blue.


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