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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

An Injured Stormcutter appears in the daily quests for the expansion Summarhildr in the game School of Dragons.


Injured and Rescued

At some point during the events of School of Dragons, this Stormcutter was injured through unknown means, resulting in a cut on his side. Over time, this cut became inflamed, causing the Stormcutter great pain and making him extremely aggressive.

Heather discovered the Stormcutter in the Wilderness in the School of Dragons. Fearing that the Stormcutter could cause severe damage or injury if left in his aggressive state, Heather called the player to the Wilderness in an attempt to calm the dragon down. Upon arriving in the Wilderness and locating the Stormcutter, Heather noticed that the Stormcutter had been injured and suggested that the player catch a fresh fish and feed it to the dragon in order to distract him and enable them to approach and determine the extent of his injury. Upon doing so, the dragon was calmed and Heather noticed that the Stormcutter had an inflamed cut on his side. Realizing that this inflamed injury was causing the dragon's irritability, Heather asked the player to talk to Valka on New Berk in order to help treat the dragon.

After being informed of the situation by the player, Valka was able to prepare a poultice that she could use to help relieve the inflammation of the Stormcutter's cut. She brought the poultice to the Wilderness and was successfully able to treat the Stormcutter's injury, resulting in the dragon finally feeling relief and calming down.

Physical Appearance

The Injured Stormcutter is representative of its species. He is primarily red in color with green on his head and facial regions. He also has several black spots on his wings



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